14 October 2006

Projects everywhere!

I was able to add another book to my collection "Magnificent Mittens" by Anna Zilboorg (it was on my wish list). I am working on the beginner's mitten project. This is my first two color knitted project. I thought it would be harder but I am happy to say that it isn't at all. I was hoping to complete at least one mitten of the pair but I am stopped at the thumb because I do not have enough short double points of the size I am using (Latern Moon Ebonies 3 US, Length 4 inches). The pattern calls for creating the thumb on a seperate set of needles in a tube and I currently have 4 of a 5 needle set on the tubular part of the mitten. So I will have to now wait until I can get some more of the same size. Frustrating!

Anyway, I am trying to get myself organized so I decided to make a list of the projects I am working on to see just how many I have going (yikes!).

Current projects:
1. Sock yarn cell phone bags (on going)
2. Mittens (just started)
3. James' afghan (mentioned in the previous blog)
4. Camel bag. (not begun yet)
5. 2 Dolls (not begun yet)

Future projects:
1. Socks: for James and for me (I never make myself anything)
2. Shawl
3. First sweater
4. Something cool and stylish for my beautiful niece!
5. More complicated mittens
6. Something made from all the sock yarn I have that is not a cell phone bag or a sock.
7. Design funky and unique dolls.
8. A "heirloom" type afghan.

There are a ton of other projects that I want to create. I just hope I will live long enough to create them all AND paint the paintings that I want to leave to the world (dramatic huh? lol).

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