30 April 2007


I honestly think I have a problem...one is color and the other is colors in cool yarn! LOL....

I am coveting yarn from three places online and I feel like I am about to explode if I don't get some of my own. My Knitty Otter friend and my blogless Monkey Socks friend (lol to her) have both allowed me to fondle their purchases from these places (well I actually molested the yarn but we won't go there) and I am just wanting it bad. But they will have to wait until I start working in June...damn it! LOL If you are a yarn addict like me and haven't visited these place then you just have to...you will understand what I mean when you see what they have.

1) Socks That Rock: They carry different weights of yarn but I want their sock yarn (they call it lightweight) in the "Fire on The Mountain", "Lemongrass", "G-Rocks", and "Lucy" colorways. The yarn is a bit pricy, HOWEVER one skein makes a pair of socks with a lot of yarn left over. I wouldn't use it for socks though. I have other projects in mind.

2) Cabin Cove Mercantile: This is THAT DARN DAVE'S stuff LOL......I have mentioned his stuff a bit lately so don't have to again. Suffice to say that I will buy anything fun and colorful from him...lace or sock weight and find a really great pattern to showcase the yarn.

3) Scout's Swag: Scout recently did a little show on Knitty Gritty about how she dyes yarn. I learned alot from her ...and yes I do dye my own yarn...however the kind of dyes she uses is not feasible for me to use and dye with due to space....and she just has a knack with color. She has a colorway called "Van Gogh" and he is my favorite artist, so when I saw the colorway I lost it! Yes I did...Van Gogh does that too me....have spent many hours just staring at his paintings in Musuems I would haunt when I still in NYC. Yarn named after him? GIVE! LOL....she has some others that are super nice too but since I would need at least two skeins of her yarn I will be super happy to get at least one of her colorways

Anyway, all you yarn addicts out there...check them out...if you buy something from let me know what you got and how you like it. I don't know what it is but I get a thrill out of seeing stashes of others. I KNOW I am not the only one who does either....because when we meet at the LYS ....my fellow addicts all gleefully molest the yarn of others....never mind what we do to anything new that comes into the LYS. That Florrie (the owner) is a big time enabler! (Well she is in the business of course, but she is also an addict who just gave in to her need by opening a shop!) LOLOL.....she is really "bad" she trys to fulfill all our wants and needs as far as her store's finances allows....seriously she is way to good to us. When we come to her with: "hey umm...Florrie...I saw this stuff.....and umm do you think you could get it???????" (with cheesy, pleading pathetic sorrowful looks) LOL.....she ALWAYS does her best to keep us addicted....ummm no I mean she tries to fill our request! :-D Seriously, she is a doll....if you need a pick me up all you have to do is go to her shop....you get calmness but also by the time you leave your face is hurting so bad from laughing that you forget whatever was causing you stressing before you entered her shop.

Anyway...feel a bit calmer now. HAD to get that all out....not only was I dreaming about spinning...AGAIN...but was dreaming about that yarn. sigh ....its really bad. LOLOL

29 April 2007

Victoria of the Camp Lamp

I just wanted to post about a really great and fun person that I have met through Sock Madness. She is a talented knitter and wonderfuly fun person. She lives in Ireland and posts gorgeous pictures of where she lives. If you have not visited her blog you need too...you will not only be awed by her knitting but love how she writes!

Celtic Memory Yarns

Oh ...as for the title...Celtic named me this due to my knitting on the Round 5 sock under a camp lamp because the power was out yesterday LOL.....too funny.

The Final Four

Well Round 5 of Sock Madness is in the books.
Pattern: Mad to Dance
Needles: US 1 dpns (for my sister lol...dpns = double points) :-D
Gauge: 7 to 8 stitches to the inch
Yarn: Schaeffer's Anne Sock Yarn, in a green, tan and blue-grey colorway (they don't have names for their colors)
(Note to my sister: Yes I will happily make you socks...you have send me your foot measurements...remember? LOL)

Wowie zowie...it was fun but a lot of work for sure. Recieved the pattern about Noon on Friday...and was stumped almost immediately. The pattern called for a Norweigan Cast-on...hadn't even heard of it...but it turns out to be a variation on the long-tail cast-on, which is my preferred method. Now, the pattern had some instructions that were not typed out correctly and some other instructions that could be interpretted in different ways....so I got lost..........

In all I ended up having to rip out the first sock 5 times before I was able to correctly understand the pattern, I had to do the heel flap twice before I finally realized that I was not going to get exactly the same number that the designer had suggested. I say suggested because much of the pattern was left open to allow for flexibility and to make the sock customizable...which is cool but makes it a bit difficult to follow, especially when speed was of the essence, LOL.

I have to say right here that I would not have been able to figure this pattern on my own...I got a lot of help from the other players...and I do mean A LOT...you can go over and check out the posts at the flickr group and judge for yourself...lol... I want to make a special point of saying that my partner in the game, Siri, helped me the most...yes my partner! She stopped her own knitting to help decipher the pattern for me...this is the honest truth...I wish there could have been a way for both of us to go on to the next round! She deserves a prize for her "knitterly" sportsmanship! (Maybe there is one already picked out for and being made ready to be mailed out to her...not saying there is...just saying MAYBE...lol...wink). Anyway stop by her blog and let her know that she is way cool for playing the game the way she did ok?

In the end the pattern was not really difficult. It was a combination of lace and 2 by 2 cables. The heel flap was called a "clog" heel because the flap was 6 vertical rows of cables...very pretty effect. The designer does not seem to have a link for a blog...at least I haven't been able to find one. This was a complicated pattern so all in all I say she did a good job...not easy to keep all those yarn-overs and cables organized. The pattern, like some of the others, gave me ideas for my own designs.

Oh and before I forget...yesterday about 2:00 to 2:30 pm the power went out in my complex and didn't come back on until 12:45 am...grrr....so I did a lot of knitting in the dark...well by camping light anyway lol.

So, I made it to the Final Four. Unbelievable, I haven't been knitting a year yet and I have gotten really far playing a game with some people who have been knitting all their lives. I am humbled and ...well sorry if this sounds like bragging but I will be honest...I am proud of myself!

Well check out the pictures and let me know what you think...

BY THE WAY: I really do think I have a problem...LOL...I have been dreaming about spinning! Its all that DARN DAVE's fault! sigh....and of course I don't have any of the tools I need to get started or to even try it LOL....doesn't always work that way? sheesh!

27 April 2007

Round 5 Checklist!

Round 5 of Sock Madness begins today! Woohoo...

8 choices of yarn...check
yarn all wound...check
guage measured...check
measuring tape...check
2 sets dpn...just in case pattern ends up to hard for me to get on circular...check
large strong cup of coffee...check
day off from school work...check
friendly encouraging email from partner...check :-D ty Siri
internet connection working...check check
fingers limber...check
bottle of water...check
understanding honey who won't complain about me knitting for the next couple of days....SUPER CHECK lol

Now where is the pattern? (refressh...nope....refresh...nope...........)

26 April 2007


If you have not gone to his blog yet, you need to! Dave Daniels is a knitter, spinner, photograph and cute kitty Dad. lol...

I say that DARN DAVE because for years, long before I started knitting (July 07)...I have admired those that spin their own fiber...and then crochet or knit from the yarn that they spun and plyed...I have carefully avoided getting too interested in spinning because my yarn stash is way out of control...I mean WAY over the top huge...but then along comes Mr. Daniels who is not only a talented knitter...he also has a great eye for color (check out his dyed yarn for sale)....he also dyes his own roving and then spins and plys it himself...

He has the nerve to promote his hand spun, gorgeously dyed yarn on his blog...showing of how beautiful it is....teasing me into not only just looking at his pictures and coveting this fantastically spun fiber...he has just finally broken down my resolve and has MADE ME WANT TO SPIN MY OWN FIBER! THE NERVE! How dare he? He doesn't even know me for him to do me this way!

I just have to learn how to spin! I need to...it is imperative that I do this....I need spindles, a wheel and roving! My need to create my own yarn from scratch and then create knitted pieces of it has my mind whirling and has created the need in my yarn addicted heart to learn this medium of creativity!

Sigh...my poor honey! When I showed him pictures of Mr. Daniels hand spun yarn...he actually said "Well you can do that too...why not?" LMAO...he has no idea what he just said...poor man he feeds my addiction at every turn...and that MR. DANIELS has just pushed me over the edge....sheesh! What did I do to him? HOW DARE HE!

(ok I hope you all know this is in jest...Dave is extremely talented and I am in awe of his work, creativity and artist's soul...I must purchas his beautifully dyed yarn soon...If I can learn to spin any where near as well as he does then I will be a happy girl....oh and I WILL LEARN TO DO IT....aftering seeing the one of a kind fiber he created I just have to)

I am doomed...I thought my addiction could not go any further...it is about to go farther then I could have imagined. THANKS ALOT DAVE! (LOL)

25 April 2007

My Sock Yarn

Here are the six hanks of Knitpicks dye your own yarn that I dyed on Sunday. I also dyed some two lace weight but have not wound it up yet. Each of these is 440 yards. I used Wilton's as before. The top three I tried graduated color. It worked out really well though the picture doesn't show it well. I have A LOT of sock yarn but very little solid colors so I thought I would try making some colors that were not entirely solid but close to it. I just completed a swatch with US 1, Addi Turbos and got 8 stitches to the inch. I am really happy with it...I am planning on using one of these (or some Schaefer) for Round 5 of Sock Madness. The bottom far right cake was a dyeing mistake...I had done rainbow colors and the wanted black blocks but I guess the yarn was too wet and the black spread and weakened in color...I didn't think it looked good...but after it dried and I wound it...I was surprised by how it looked...there are flashes of bright color in between the muted blacks...super nice. Its also very soft to work with...the swatches knitted up into a really nice, upscale fabric.
When I wind the lace I will post a picture. I really enjoy dyeing yarn...it gives me creative freedom as well as control over the colors that I end up with. I would really like to dye some more and get my hands on a warping board and better dye but not sure where to get this stuff. I also don't know how much it would cost.
I am now ready for Round 5...I am almost finished witht he pair of cuff down Magic loops socks and today practiced toe-up Magic Loop...ripped it out though...I just wanted to be sure that I would understand a toe up version just in case the pattern is toe up. So BRING IT ON I AM READY TO GO! LOL

24 April 2007

Sock Madness Round 4: Mad Weave Socks

Yes I know, I know...I should have posted about this already. So I finished Round 4 and made it onto Round 5! Yeah me! It was my most challenging round yet...as well as the MOST challenging knitting pattern that I have done so far. That includes lace! When I was done I was exhausted...to say the least.

Pattern: Mad Weave by Tina Lorin
Materials: US 1 dpns, Claudia's Handpainted in two colorways...the lighter one is called "Purple Haze", unfortunately I could not find the label for the other colorway (sorry).
Time: I cast-on at about 6:45 am on Saturday the 14th and cast-off on Sunday at about 5:30 pm. I am told (by honey) that I spent about 28 hrs working on these socks! wowie zowie.

Thoughts: LOVE THIS PATTERN! Tina Lorin came up with a creative and unique design. Everything about this pattern was new to me with the exception of the ribbing. There are little mock-cables down the sides and dropped stitches which turn into this elongated cross stitched. Take a look at the flickr group so you can see the different effects from the different types of yarn that were used. My only problem with the socks is that they came out WAY too big for me. I followed the instructions to the letter, using the yarn and needles that were recommended but they came out really big. I was not the only one with this problem. Anyway, honey has a new pair of socks. Just to show how big they came out they fit him a little loose and he wears a size 13 shoe...they were supposed to be a medium sized woman's sock. LOL Btw...Claudia's is fantastic yarn to work with...the colors are vibrant and I got a nice soft fabric. I am think though that the Claudia's may be the reason the socks came out so big, it is a bit thicker then most other sock yarns. I want to do this pattern again but will probably use a thinner yarn and go down to US 0 needles.

Round 5 has been announced...it will begin on Friday (27 April). The specs given state that the designer created the socks using the Magic Loop method. This has been a method that I have wanted to try but have kept putting it off. We were told that we could use dpns if we wished but I have found in the past if I have to re-configure a pattern to use different tools that I get confused.
SOOOOOOO.....WHAT TO DO? LOL...well I Googled, "Magic Loop instructions" (I love Google...did you see their Earth Day graphic? Well done!) I came up with a ton of links that teach the technique. The best one I found is a video at Knittinghelp.com. So on Sunday I cast-on (from cuff down) and as of this morning I am at the point of picking up the gusset stiches! It is a REALY easy method...there is a trick to doing the gusset I believe but I didn't have time to figure that out yet. I am using a simple pattern from Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. I have modified to make anklets, since this is for practice. I am hoping to try the toe-up method for magic loop before Friday (just in case the pattern is toe-up I want to be ready LOL) Oh and I am using a 40" Addi Turbo in US 0. When I finishe the sock I will post picture of them....Oh and I am doing two at a time...really really easy! I like doing socks on dpns but this technique is way cool and adds a new skill to my knitting toolbox.

I LOVE how much I have learned from being in Sock Madness, Magic Loop, Short Row heels (which are my fav so far), toe-up on dpns, cabling....oh and just to be ready I have been working on the Knitty.com pattern called "Pomatomus" by Cookie A...its a lace pattern, and so many other things that I could keep going on and on! Also, as I said before...the other players are way too much fun! The posts and comments on the flickr page can be hilarious.

Well, there ya go...I have some other things going on but for now this will be all!

18 April 2007

Yarn Gifts

About two weeks ago I recieved a lovely gift on Vikkie Day from my lovely Knitty Otter friend and Miss Monkey Socks (she doesn't have a blog yet...but we keep pushing her because she is a talented knitter and lots of fun to play yarn with and she show it off! hint hint to her!). I have been re-miss in posting about their generous gift and was reminded today when I recieved yet another gift of yarn.

They surprised me with this lovely Brown Sheep's Handpainted Original (colorway is Stormy Skies) that I was eyeing at our LYS had recently added to their inventory. I love the Handpainted Originial....yes I know its mostly Mohair and Mohair gets in the nose and tickles...but Brown Sheep just has a way with yarn and colors...it is really soft to work with, they yarns has this nice high quality yarn sheen, and when you wash and block the finished item the Mohair sort of "sits down"...which gives the finished piece an upscale look. If you haven't tried it yet...it really is worth it...at least once. They are the sweetest....they better watch out because I will be getting them back for pulling a surprise on me and catching me off gaurd....WAAHAHA (evil laugh!) BTW...this is the first yarn gift I have ever recieved...seriously...which makes it all the more special. Of all the things I have made (years of crocheting included) I never keep things for myself...Whatever I make from this IS MINE! :-D

Now for my second yarn gift...It is a gift from the Round 3 Sock Madness designer, Tricia Weatherton. She generously gifted me and Mt. Mom (a competitor in SM) with some sock yarn. Her lovely and generous gift arrived today. GREAT GIFT! This is the first time that I have recieved yarn in the mail which I did not order myself. It was so much fun to open the package to see what it was...I had no idea what she was going to choose (though she did ask us to give her some color choices...which I left mostly open saying that I really didn't have any solid colored sock yarn). This is what I recieved:

She enclosed a lovely note...with a picture of a knitted piece. The teal colored yarn is Panda Wool ...I have been WANTING to try this yarn, after seeing it mentioned online...none of the LYS sell it and I like to see/feel (umm well lets be honest MOLEST) yarn before I buy it. lol...So I have held back from ordering it online until such time as I could see it first hand. Well I have may chance now not only to see it but to try it out! YEAH ME! The picture doesn't show it up very well but its sort of graduated in color...so its almost solid and ....I LOVE IT! I couldn't have picked a better color for me! :-D The other skein is Trekking...in a colorway (#80) that I have not seen before...I really enjoy knitting with Trekking...its really great not only for socks but lace projects...the colorway is a variety of light purples, violets and lavender with a grey/teal stripping...super nice (here is a picture of the Trekking knitted up by one of my fellow SMers. It would make great socks but I think it would work up really nice in lace so I think I will save it for that. As with the other gift I WILL BE MAKING SOMETHING FOR ME from this! :-D MINE MINE MINE MINE........

Well, now after recieving these gifts I realize that I want to share something as well...so I am going to contribute to the LOOT for Sock Madness. I have a set of ebony needles that I am going to share. They are wonderful to work with and I think someone else would enjoy them. They are brand new, not used...lol.

These are from Susanne's made in Germany, US 7, 4.5 mm, 8" Dpns. The super nice thing about them is that brand new they have a mat finish/look but the more you use them the more they shine. The yarn polishes the needles. The other nice thing about them is that they are not as sticky as Birch, Bamboo and other wooden needles but not as slippery as metal or plastic. The tension and frabric I get from using these is really nice. I hope whomever gets them will enjoy them as much as I do! I have a short set for socks, a long set like these and a circular set. These are my favorite needles and great for all sorts of projects and yarns. My LYS carries a very nice selection, they are a bit on the expensive size but worth every penny!

Ok thats all for now...the next post will be about my Round 4 socks...promise!

16 April 2007


I have Round 4 knitting to report, but for right now I will just tell you all I made it to Round 5...at this time I just don't want to write about it....Why? Because of this! As of right now I do not think that I know anyone who attends that school...but as a teacher and someone who works with young people...this tragedy is breaking my heart...I just keep thinking "NO! no...this did not happen again!" Thats all I have to say right now. My heart breaks for these students, teachers and families...

I am just sad...

11 April 2007

The Round 3 Story

Well Round 4 of Sock Madness starts on Saturday morning so I thought I better post about Round 3. LOL....there is a bit of a story to tell.

The Round 3 pattern came out at about 7:30 am (Eastern) on Wednesday the 4th...but I was sleeping since it was 3:30 in the west lol. I was up at about 9 am my time and cast-on almost immediately. Now, I cannot share the pattern here because its copyrighted....but I can explain it some...to begin with the pattern calls for these nice points on the edge of a fold over cuff...well I interpreted the pattern in such a way that I thought that I had to knit 11 pts per sock (22 total) and the join them together...well the pattern also said to kitchner it or sew it together but I couldn't see how to do this with each individual point. So I just made all 22 pts, cutting the each...so that meant each point had two tails...I then connected the points by picking up stitches with my dpns and then just knitted the cuff as per the rest of the pattern. But it wasn't working and I had a LOT of ends...which was very scary...here you can see for yourself:

I thought it would be faster if I knitted on both socks at the same time...so I kept knitting but it didn't work. The points were twisting and sticking out at odd angles. After knitting for about 3 to 4 inches on each cuff I knew it wasn't going to work...SOOOOO...sigh...I frogged it and cast-on a new...

This time with the help of the other participants I realized my mistake...I wasn't supposed to make individual points, it was supposed to be done in a strip and then the ends of the strips were grafted together. DUGH!, it was so easy, AND fast...making all those little points took a really long time, but it just wasn't correct...so even though I thought it might put me out I started over...I have to say that all of participants were really supportive. The designer (Tricia Weatherston) was as well, she posted to the flickr group and encouraged us. So after the frogging I had this (at about 7:10 pm):

I kept knitting until about 1:30 am (Thursday morning) when I couldn't do any more, was too tired. This is what I had at about that time:

The next day I had classes starting at 4 and had homework to finish. I went to school at about 3, threw together a couple of Math proofs for my 4 pm class...I am shocked I got them all right lol..., then I had another class at 5:30 and one more at 7:00 until 9:30 pm. As soon as I got home I picked up the knitting (I had managed to knit a bit in the morning before going to the University)...I stayed up until about 1:30 am (again)...the problem with this was that I had to get up at 4:30 to take Honey to the airport for a trip to Seattle...so I stayed up, put my IPod on and listend to one of the Harry Potter Audiobooks (Yes yes I am an HP fan...big time so there! :P~~~ ). I got back from the airport at about 6 am...I checked the SM page and found out that I made it! Wow! I couldn't believe it, I was in shock because I was sure that I would have been knocked out. Here are the completed socks:

I used Schaefer Anne sock yarn in one of their great colorways on U.S. 1.5 dpns (2.5mm). Really lovely, the yarn is nice and soft and the colors are bright and cheerful. The picture doesn't show it up well but there are blues and greens and a variety of yellows. The pattern was nice...you made the cuff first, then turned it inside out and did a ribbing, simple heel flap and easy peasy after that. The cuff was a little fiddly but I liked it alot and it has turned the creative wheels. Now that I get how to do the edging it lends itself to some different edgings, once I am out of the competition I am going to play around with it. The designer and one of the other players put beads into the points which was nice. I am thinking of lace edging or something funky. Can't wait to play with it.
Now the conclusion of this story was surprising. Yesterday our lovely game hosts announced some early prizes. Well I won a prize. I was choosen by the designer to win a prize that is coming from her, "for her incredible perseverance in getting through the garter stitch points". WOWIE ZOWIE, how cool. Seriously, I never win anything lol...and what a lovely reason to win something for! lol....I really think its amazing especially since I have not even been knitting a year yet. LOL...way cool...When I get my lovely gift I will be sure to post a picture so that I can share with everyone.
On to Round 4. We are told that we need 5 US 1 dpns and that the test socks were knitted with Claudia handpainted sock yarn and that the designer used Cherry Tree Hill...well I am ready. I just so happen to have some of both of those yarns! I am ready to go. This is so much fun. The most fun are the people. The other knitters are just great!

08 April 2007

Ok...so...Happy Easter...or...Happy Spring!

...whichever is your preference I respect it.

Well its a holiday weekend but I wasn't really into it until about 30 minutes ago....why? Well...I will tell you...LOL...

Honey, is traveling and visiting in Seattle...it is his personal business so I will just say it is a family thing...special and important...and I am VERY GLAD that he is there though I could not go...its all cool.

So, honey calls me and says..."Did you get an email?"..."Yes" me says...(lol)..."umm didn't you have something else?"...."What do you mean? It was cute...I clicked the link for the e-card...really cute bunny and chickey dancing...hehehe (giggle giggle) I liked it"...honey says "No...there was more in the message around the card...you didn't read it all"....."Oh duh honey...silly me"......SO I re-open the email....click the link again and scroll down...low and behold there is a message.....um DUH! LOL...if you know me you are not surprised....shrugs...lol
The message says Honey is an Easter Bunny helper and if he did his job right there is an Easter surprise in the 4th draw of Honey's' dresser....so with him on the phone I bounce down the hall and count "1...2...3...4!" LOL....open it an there is a cute yellow flowered gift bag with a cute pink soft bunny, bag of chocolate Dove eggs, a sweet card and lovely smelling lotion and bath gel!.....Squeel...yeah sorry I Squeeled...don't usually but honey has a way of doing that to me....hehehe (red face) lucky me (wink). He is a doll...I miss him....I am very glad that he went on this trip for his own sake but it makes me appreciate him all the more....if that make sense...

Ok sooooooooo as for the rest of weekend....well since I have been remiss in my posting I am going to spread it out....BECAUSE...what started out to be a lame weekend ended up being REALLY GREAT....due mostly impart to the Miss Knitty Otter! So I will post about THAT tomorrow!

I will also post about Round 3 of Sock Madness....I MADE IT TO ROUND 4...WOW...and when you hear about what happened with my big screw up you will be amazed that I made it......well....umm you might be interested a little bit or at least say "Oh thats nice" lol

01 April 2007

Lazy Me!

Oh boy, have I ever been lazy about posting. Just realized this morning that my last post was on the 23rd...oopsie. I have been knitting, as usual, several projects at once:
1. Chevron Scarf style pattern with Lang from a free Berrocco Pattern.
2. Entrelac stole also with Lang, fron the Scarf Style book.
3. Lace scarf with Schaefer's Anne from Arctic Lace
4. Another lace project with yarn I dyed in purple.
5. Still have an entrelac felted bag waiting to have a handle and closure put on.
6. STILL have the felted Booga bag that needs a handle.
7. Round 3 of Sock Madness starts on Wednesday, so I will have that project.
8. Trying to learn to do socks on two circulars...started out trying to do two at once but that wasn't working so better start with one, lol.

Where are the pictures of all these projects?....ummm...yeah pictures...hmm? thats a thought...lol

Have had a couple of Saturdays that were alot of fun...hung out with knitters. One saturday the LYS had a pj knitting party. OH MY GOD WAS THAT FUN! The Knitty Otter lady made yummy Margaritas...and there was food enough for triple the number that attended. The party started at 6 pm and ended at 1 am. It was so much fun. On another Saturday, honey had to take care of some business calls...he dropped me of at the LYS and I laughed so much all day that my face hurt. Did you know that Otter's are hilarious (wink to the Knitty Otter)?!? Monkey Socks is also a HOOT! (NO blog for her....HINT HINT TO HER!)

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately....there are truely some talented people out there...talented writers and knitters. Funny, funny people...I have been using Bloglines to keep track of all the blogs...lol...I mistakenly thought that it would save me time but I just seem to keep adding to my Blog Roll...LOL...

I will try and get myself together and take pictures of my projects. Don't know why I have been absent minded about it...lol...but there ya go! Well Round 3 starts this week and I will have to post pictures of my socks so that will be something at least ...lol... I have partnered with one of the Caroles in the contest...I wanted to extend her a friendly hello but no link for her on the list.

Wish me luck on this next round!