01 April 2007

Lazy Me!

Oh boy, have I ever been lazy about posting. Just realized this morning that my last post was on the 23rd...oopsie. I have been knitting, as usual, several projects at once:
1. Chevron Scarf style pattern with Lang from a free Berrocco Pattern.
2. Entrelac stole also with Lang, fron the Scarf Style book.
3. Lace scarf with Schaefer's Anne from Arctic Lace
4. Another lace project with yarn I dyed in purple.
5. Still have an entrelac felted bag waiting to have a handle and closure put on.
6. STILL have the felted Booga bag that needs a handle.
7. Round 3 of Sock Madness starts on Wednesday, so I will have that project.
8. Trying to learn to do socks on two circulars...started out trying to do two at once but that wasn't working so better start with one, lol.

Where are the pictures of all these projects?....ummm...yeah pictures...hmm? thats a thought...lol

Have had a couple of Saturdays that were alot of fun...hung out with knitters. One saturday the LYS had a pj knitting party. OH MY GOD WAS THAT FUN! The Knitty Otter lady made yummy Margaritas...and there was food enough for triple the number that attended. The party started at 6 pm and ended at 1 am. It was so much fun. On another Saturday, honey had to take care of some business calls...he dropped me of at the LYS and I laughed so much all day that my face hurt. Did you know that Otter's are hilarious (wink to the Knitty Otter)?!? Monkey Socks is also a HOOT! (NO blog for her....HINT HINT TO HER!)

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately....there are truely some talented people out there...talented writers and knitters. Funny, funny people...I have been using Bloglines to keep track of all the blogs...lol...I mistakenly thought that it would save me time but I just seem to keep adding to my Blog Roll...LOL...

I will try and get myself together and take pictures of my projects. Don't know why I have been absent minded about it...lol...but there ya go! Well Round 3 starts this week and I will have to post pictures of my socks so that will be something at least ...lol... I have partnered with one of the Caroles in the contest...I wanted to extend her a friendly hello but no link for her on the list.

Wish me luck on this next round!


SheepsPyjamas said...

Pictures, yes indeed, please... I'd particularly love to see the lace projects, gotta love those vicarious lace fixes! I'm thinking about lace a lot lately, but everything is still at the thinking about stage...

Hmm... a pj knitting party, you say? With Margaritas? I'm jealous, that sounds like a total blast! (File that one away under someday ideas...) Oh and just so I don't forget, g'luck on Wednesday's Madness -- I'll be watching for you!

Ann said...

Knitting under the influence with an Otter sounds like a fun time to me. I look forward to the photos from that event!

KnittyOtter said...

*pokes you*


Cindy said...

Good luck in Round 3!!!
I am going to wait to cast on. Let you all work out the pattern questions first! You know, I don't have Bloglines. I have always just clicked on everyone's blogs and checked for updates, but this is getting to be time consuming after "meeting" all of the Sock Madness bloggers! yikes!