23 March 2007

Madtini Socks!

Whew! Completed Round 2 of Sock Madness. Wow...this was a super nice pattern to knit. It was easy to understand and fun. I used Trekking XXL in colorway 100...on U.S. 2 dpns (3.00 mm). The pattern is called Mad-tini Socks, designed by Karin Bole.

Before anyone asks: "Why didn't you match up the stripes?" Good question...I did try but funny thing about this colorway is that the stripes do not repeat...each color change is different from any others in the skein. So the socks match but not exactly.

The picture doesn't do the pattern justice and the yarn is a bit busy for the pattern but there are some unique things about it. Here is a clear picture of the pattern that was done as a smaple. First off the cuffs are really stretchy because the ribbing is done without any purls..its knitting with YO (aka Wrns....British term for the same thing...learn something new everyday!)...the YO are pulled over two knit stitches...makes for a woven look on the cuff...the leg has this spiriling effect which I think can be seen better in a less busy yarn....also the heel flap was a new for me....it is an "Eye of Patridge Heel"...makes the flap cushy...

I feel bad that the person (sopranospinner) I was matched up with had her non-knitting life intrude on her knitting life and could not participate as much as she would have liked. However, like the first round...the other competitors were supportive and helpful. It was fun!


Zonda said...

I bow to your fast sock knittingness! I am so glad I didn't join LOL! Great job! Go you and good luck with the next round! :)

needlefingers said...

Non-matching socks are my favorite.

Congrats on moving on to Round Three!!! :)

carolr said...

Love your blog, I also crocheted, and in some ways it was easier, b/c my best friend could help me! But I LOVE knitting!
P.S. I am a teacher too!

Beth said...

This round was crazy and supportive... love how your socks came out even if the pattern isn't as obvious in the yarn. I'm looking forward to the next round. Congrats and good luck!

Christelle said...

Miss V,

I am so stealing your socks!! Love ya and wish you all kinds of speedy for the next round. Miss you and hope you are having a great week. Love ya!