04 March 2007

Newly Dyed Yarn

Here is my newest batch of dyed yarn. The first one is Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride. I used only Kool-aide except for the yellow which is Wilton's because I just couldn't get the yellow to be as dark as I wanted it to be with the Kool-aide.

The second picture is Knitpick's dye your own lace weight Merino wool which I dyed in Wilton's. Here is the funny thing about these two purple skeins. I mixed up a batch of the color into a giant bowl, I put both hanks in together at exactly the same time, kept them both in the bowl for exactly the same amount of time, drained them side by side in the sink for the same amount of time and cooked them in the same ziplock bag for exactly the same amount of time in the microwave. Can you see the difference? They look very different, lol, I don't have a clue why? The Knitty Otter lady suggested that having twisted the two hanks together might have avoided the difference...but who knows...I will try her suggestion for the next time I try to dye a hank all one color.

The last one is Cascade 220 dyed with Wilton's in blue and brown, which seems to be a popular color combination as of late, I like it as well. It came out really well, don't know what I will make with it yet but I have two skeins so hopefully that will be enough to make something substantial. Any suggestions or ideas? :-)


Christelle said...

I love all your dyed yarn!! I am so going to steal the rainbow and blue/brown!

I am now feeling inspired to dye more yarn. I am going to dye some alpaca for my grandfather's hat. He wants bright red. :-)

See you tonight ... have a wonderful day!!

~ me

Lori said...

Those are beautiful colors, you've inspired me to start dying some of my own!

Zonda said...

Awesome colors there! Sorry no ideas for the laceweight.