02 March 2007

Sock Madness

Woohoo! I got into the Sock Madness Competition.
Check it out:

Also...check this out...I was parusing the Knitty Otter's blog for the explanation on how she dyed her self stripping yarn. I was scrolling along and saw a cool button with a name and a bouncing ball of yarn behind the lettering. I thought "Oh isn't that cute." I then scrolled back up and then a lightbulb went on: "Hey wait a minute what did that button say????!" Scrolled back down and then read the button and it said "Yarnatic" ...Ok so sue me, small things make me happy...I got all excited..."Honey look it what the Lady Otter did? She made a button for linking from her blog to mine!! Its way cool!" I saw her tonight and I don't think she got how totally excited I was...lol...but I think it is really sweet and way cool of her to make it and she said that I could use it on my blog to allow others to use. So here it is...a super cool button to show that you are a yarn fanatic ...


For some reason I have not been able to figure out how to put button links on the side bar of my blog. When I try I get a message that says to correct the errors but doesn't tell me what the errors are. Grrr...why does it have to be so hard. Why can't I just put a picture on the sidebar and then add a link to it and turn it into a button? I was able to put the sock Madness pic on the side bar was not able to turn it into a button, sorry about that all...Just can't figure out what the problem is with doing it in blogger. Since I cannot put them on the side bar I am sharing them here, my fun new button and the buttons of others:

There are others that I would like to post and share but for some reason it is frustrating difficult to put to many pics into one post...all the alignments and spacing gets screwed up and then it takes a long time to fix it all.


Ann said...

You realize, you are known by the company you keep. RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN very very fast...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I had to stalk you in return and what do I find but three of my favorite knitting bloggers mentioned on your blog. How in the hell have we not met before?

You are now on my stalker list, I see several common interests.


Anonymous said...

What a cool button!

I love the colors of your blog-quite creative!