26 February 2007

Charity Knitting 1

I have begun my charity knitting projects for the coming year. My idea is to make scarves and hats from stitch patterns that I want to learn out of junky yarn in my stash so that I can learn new stitches and techniques, use up the yarn that is of poor quality and end up with items that I can donate. I have completed two scarves so far.

For some reason I was given a lot of brown and orange yarn on cones. I have had it in my stash for a very long time and when I recently organized the stash I came across several cones of this acrylic stuff in the two colors. For acrylic yarn it feels very soft and is light weight. I wound some of each color together for the center strip and just sort of winged it for the scarf. It actually came out pretty nice. The picture doesn't show it well but th colors sort of have a metalic look to them so the scarf looks nicer then you would think. I am happy with the way it turned out. I did the orange stripping on both ends.

I have a ton of Red Heart yarn in red for some reason and would like to contribute some scarves to the Red Scarf project for next year. Even though I made this same type of scarf for my mother with Cascade Superwash I figured it would be a good scarf to use up some of the red yarn with.

So only two scarves so far but a good start I think.

24 February 2007

Horcrux Socks

I joined in a sort of KAL from "I'm Knitting As Fast As I Can" and made the "Horcrux Socks". They came out great though the self stripping yarn does not show off the pattern on the leg all that well. I made them for my guy and thats the yarn he picked out. I am going to make a pair for me in a solid color so that the pattern shows up more. They are SUPER easy and fast to make. Made the first sock in a day.

My guy is always cold (being from Hawaii he gets cold easily) so I made him another pair of socks this week. I used Mode Dea Sassy stripes (in a different colorway). I didn't use a pattern, just did a generic sock except that it is ribbed from the cuff to the toe. Really fast. Seen seperately the colors look the same but seen side by the difference is easily discerned (at least it is for me lol). This yarn is nice to work with...it feels soft and is between and worsted and DK weight. Since I am working on other projects right now where the progress is slow it was fun to stop and make these and see the results quickly.

This weekend is "Stitches". Some of my knitting pals are there. I wish I could have gone it would have been fun but I just couldn't afford it this year. I hope I can go next year. I am looking forward to hearing from those that went, I hope they all have a great time.

23 February 2007

Beatbox Flute Player: Greg Patillo

Yes I know this is a knitting blog and that this post has nothing to do with knitting. But the world has way too many talented people in it who do way cool things to not talk about them sometimes. I read ALOT of knitting blogs and some non-knitting ones...One of the blogs that I read that is not about knitting is Wil Wheaton's (yes the "kid" from Star Trek Next Generation, and YES I am a Star Trek geek...so what? wanna make something of it? hehehe)....today he posted a vid from youtube with this guy playing a flute while doing "beatbox". What is "beatbox"? For those of you who don't know...some talented people are able to make rhythmic sounds using there mouth (that’s a simplistic definition but close enough)...it’s pretty cool. So this guy does it but while playing the flute. He is a very good flutist but then he adds the beatbox to it and it is way cool. Wow. So here are some links.

Greg Patillo:
Seasame Street:
Mario: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oct_WsRdByQ&NR
Inspector Gadget: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59ZX5qdIEB0&NR
Peter and the Wolf: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6SHsF1n9Qw&NR

I just love talented people! Especially those that step out of the box!

21 February 2007

"Wooly Bullies"

Ok this is way funny...you have got to see this you tube video about crochet vs knitting:

20 February 2007

...no pics to show

Ok I finished one of my favorite projects that I have done thus far and cannot share a picture of it because my digital camera is ...fubar (if you don't know what that term means then ask...can take the girl out of the Navy but can't take the Navy out of the girl...lol). I completed a really nice Entrelac bag this weekend in Noro Kureyeon. Felted and everything...you will have to take my word for it...it came out GREAT! I am so happy with it. I want to line it but I don't sew (hate sewing actually) so it may just stay as is for awhile.

I am deep into 4 lace projects (not to mention two sock projects)...one from Artic Lace, one from Victoria Lace Today, one I found online, and oneu from a Fiber Trends (AC-73 x: Cocoon Lace Scarf or Wrap by Evelyn A. Clark) pattern purchased at my LYS. As soon as I am able to take pictures of what I am making I will post them and more details about each.

I want to dye more yarn but need to purchase some more from Knitpicks...this time I want to get some different weights because last time I only purchased lace weight. I would like to make socks from yarn that I have died myself. My lovely Otter friend explained how to design my own self stripping yarn, its not as hard as I thought it would be.

Other then that, just been doing the school thing...work load still isn't that difficult to handle and going in the evening and at night is not as bad as I thought it would be. So far the only thing that really is a pain is the feeling like I am waiting to start my day.

15 February 2007

Criminal Knitting Nuns

OMG! I just saw this on Yarn-A-Go-Go. "Greek nuns on the run, chased by bad debts." I am laughing so hard my face hurts. Knitting nuns turned into criminals because they couldn't afford to pay for the habit. (pun intended) LMAO!!!! They are hiding out in a monestary. Can you picture it...the cops surrounding the place, S.W.A.T in position, a negotiator on a bull horn yelling: "Ok Sisters put down your needles and come out with your hands up!" (While inside the Nuns are on their knees praying "Forgive me Father for I have knit and purled") RFLMAO.

This is just as bad as the news article a few months ago that talked about how a 60 year old lady was going around stealing yarn from yarn shops. She was wanted in several states, when they caught her they found yarn in bags from shops all over. Geez! Whish I had a copy of that one, read it at my LYS.

Is yarn addiction as bad as all that? Has it gotten this bad?

A DUH moment.

I have a great book that I purchased at a local bookstore, off their sale table for 50% off, called "Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns". Now, I know there are a ton of books for both knitting and crochet that are compilation stitch books out there. However, I liked this one because as a beginner (though I can say with everything that I have knit since I learned in July, I am well past beginner stage)...anyway...the book explain the stitches in words and not in graphs. I also have another book "200 Knitted Blocks". Between these two books are there are some really interesting stitches that I would like to try out, plus the myriad of free patterns I have found over the net (more about internet patterns below). I wanted to see what alot of these stitches do without having to test them on my nicer yarn in my stash and I also didn't just want to make a bunch of blocks or swatcheds that would just take up space. Yes I know then I would have physical references, instead of just the pictures in the books (that is besides the point lol). A few weeks back I finished organizing my entire stash (took months, some cursing, and a bit of a mess in the studio/office), when I was done I had huge bags of arylic yarn that was given to me or I purchased ages ago before I knew any better. Seriously some of this acrylic yarn I have had so long that the labels yellowed or from stores that no longer exist (like Woolworth's...east coast 5 and dime). I was going to donate this yarn to the library group in Spanish Springs when it I had a "duh" moment. I want to do charity projects for next year. My LYS is going to collect scarves, hats and gloves for next fall to give out to the homeless in our area. So why not save the acrylic and practice the interesting stitches and make notes about what I learn from them. This way I make something useful, get rid of the acrylic, and learn new things. DUH! lol I can take pictures and save the notes along side the pictures for reference. Sometimes I am just slow, sheesh.

Now about Internet Patterns:
Ok I think almost all crafters by now know that the internet has become an infinite source of free patterns for all crafts. The quality of the patterns is sometimes not all that great but a good majority are. I have amassed a collection of knitting and crochet patterns that is as out of control as my yarn stash. To date I have about 3k+ in knitting patterns alone, never mind crochet. Un-freaking believable. Every time I come across something new I save it, whether I think I will ever make that item or not. So if anyone is looking for a pattern and does not want to search all over for one or wants to know where to find something just send me a message I probably have it stored or can guide you to a good site to find what you are looking for. There is also good ole' Google. Doing a search for "free knitting patterns", or a search for a specific item such as "free sock knitting patterns" will give you a huge list of sites to look at. It is not hard to find a decent pattern. There are great sites abound that have patterns all ready collected and sorted at sites likeKnitting Pattern Central and Knitty (just to name two), but there are a ton of others that very little effort will bring up. If you find a great site with nice patterns please do share it with me because I will add it to my list. I do not want to be come a blog that just lists pattern sites because there are plenty of those out there but I can be resource if you are looking for something and haven't been able to find it. I even have patterns from sites that have long ago disappeared because I began searching for patterns over 10 years ago. Is this another sign that I am well entrenched yarn addict? lol

13 February 2007


I was told to update my blog...so here I am doing so. LOLOL...I have been busy with school crap ...umm... I mean... school work. My digital camera has issues as well. Sigh. Technology is great except for when it isn't. lol

I have been knitting but haven't completed anything lately. I have two pairs of socks I am working on and two lace projects. I made some more stitch markers as well. As soon as I have the camera situation worked out I will post some pics.

Wanted to mention some nice blogs I visit:
Wendy Knits
Knitty Otter
Dave Daniels aka Cabin Cove
The Panopticon
Yarnharlot (do I have to really link this one? lol)
Z Knits...and Sews
Reno Yarn Artists Club
Shut Up and Knit
Scout's Swag

There are some others but these are ones that I visit almost everyday...well every time they post anyway. lol...I use Bloglines.com which keeps track of all the blogs you visit and tells you in one place when a blog has been updated. I really like it.

Anyway...be good everyone I have to do homework. Blah!

08 February 2007

Colorways of My Own Making

Stitch Markers
I recently thought I would try my hand at stitch markers. They came out pretty well if I do say so myself...and I do :-D. Pictured here are 8 different kinds, I made about 12 kinds, with 4 to 10 in each set. I forgot to take a picture of all the others I made...I have shared some. No fun making something cool if you don't share it.
Now for the Yarn:
All of these are destined for specific projects. The purple and the green are going to projects from "Victorian Lace Today". I purchased all of this yarn from Knitpicks "Dye Your Own Yarn" line. The swatches knitted up really nice and are very soft, so I know that the lace pieces are going to come out nice. I do have a little bit of a problem with the yarn however. I did not ball up the yarn prior to dyeing it (of course)...it came already in hanks so I do it as it came. After it was throughly dyed I then wound it from Swift to ball winder. I was a bit upset when I did this...I dyed two skeins per colorway so that I would be sure to have more then enough with left overs for each project...almost each skein was cut in pieces...no it didn't break it was clearly cut in pieces and the pieces were wound into the hanks. So of course I did not realize this until I wound them into balls. So now I am not sure if I will have enough of each colorway for my projects. Sigh...cross your fingers for me.
As for the dyeing of these: I did something a little different then when I dyed the first group. I first soaked each skein in Kool-Aide (Cherry, Grape and Lime Green) so that I would get an over all even base color. I then laid them out and "painted on" deeper colors with Wilton's Food colors. The pictures really don't show the color variations. The colors really came out the way I was hoping. My favorite is the green. The purple still smells like grape Kool-Aide lol.

In this set the first one is Brown Sheep's "Lamb's Pride". I have to say that I REALLY loved the way the dyeing came out with this yarn. The dye laid the mohair down in the yarn...so that it now seems to have a tighter twist, but it is still soft. It also gave it a really nice sheen that makes it look like some of the more expensive yarns that are out there. The second one is Cascade 220 and the colors really came out bright and deep. It doesn't show up as well in this picture but the dark color is brown and there are shades going from brown, red to yellows; fall colors. I have already made something with some of it and will post the pic soon.
Well there ya go...a bit slow in posting my pics but here it is. I have more yarn to dye but will concentrate on knitting for a bit. It was a lot of fun dyeing the yarn and making the stitch markers. It was more fun sharing what I made with my yarn addict friends. :-D It really made me happy to give the stitch markers to others and see them enjoyed.

06 February 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hey all,
Sorry that I have been remiss in posting. Been a bit busy...not with schoolwork, the work load so far as been light (I am sure that will change soon)...I have been knitting and doing things that support my habit. Dyed alot of yarn last week and made a bunch of stitch markers...also have been knitting. Even made a piece with some of the yarn I dyed. I am planning on taking pictures tomorrow...I know I said I would do it this past weekend but didn't have time sorry...but will remedy that soon. Nighty night all.

01 February 2007

All the Buzz!

Hey have come across some new knitting type things that I think will soon be all the buzz soon.

Ok first is our ever wonderful knitting guru, The Yarnharlot, she went to the Madrona Fiberarts retreat and has a fabulous post on a new technique that she learned there. I WANT TO LEARN THIS BADLY! Piecework's special knitting issue had an article about a turn of the century knitter (Marta Stina) who had a similar technique. The technique that Ms. McPhee learned is called "Mittens of Rovaniemi"....well that is the title of the project, not sure what the technique is called, it is from Finland and I guess it is like doing Fair Isle but with alot more colors and without tangling the bobbins. Why do I want to learn this or other techniques of this type? Well I would like to combine my paintings with knitting. In other words I want to create knitted paintings. Why? beeeeeecaausssssse I want to combine both of my passions. Techniques such as these will allow me to use a variety of colors to creat depth and shading just like in an oil painting as well as texture.

Also, my wonderful knitting pal, Christelle, pointed me to the Knitty site today to a really fun two color hat with a wonderful geometric circle pattern. I want to make it (so does she lol). If you haven't visited Knitty before, it is a free online knitting magazine with patterns, tutorials and interesting knitting articles. Its really wonderful....best of all....its ALL FREE. lol

Lastly, I want to tell you about a wonderful new yarn by those inovative people at SWTC. They have a new sock yarn line called TOFUtsie. The pictures of the colorways do not do them justice online. They have to be seen. My LYS (Deluxe Yarns) just got it in two days ago and it is flying off the shelves. The colors are out of this world, I had the hardest time just choosing one. Each skein is 460 yards...a little more then double what you usually get in a skein of sock yarn, so the price for it is extremely affordable. Also the weight of it is between Lace and usual sock weight (i.e. its a little "heavier" then normal lace weight and a little "lighter" then normal sock weight) which makes it a yarn not only for socks but for a fun funky lace projects. Which is what I want it for, two skeins will give you more then enough for a good size lace project...3 skeins for a large project. This is what is so unique about this yarn (besides the colorways) its 50% wool, the other 50% is made up of cotton, soysilk and Chitin. Chitin is made from shrimp and crab shells! Can you imagine? This is some of the softest feeling yarn I have ever come across.

I am still working on several projects (now add the Tofutsie socks lol)...as well as night before last I made stitch markers (picture coming this weekend) and dyed more yarn last night with Wilton's food coloring (see my post on how I do it). Today before leaving for school I left some Lace Weight dyeing yarn, from Knitpicks, soaking in bowls of Kool-Aide (Knitty has a good how to on this one). Tonight or tomorrow in the a.m. I am going to further play with the Kool-Aide dye yarn because Kool-Aide does not dye intense colors (not to my liking anyway) and I am going to further dye the yarn with Wilton's so that I get a variegate effect. I am doing one in greens, one in reds/oranges/pinks, and one in purples. I was having a hard time finding lace weight in the colors I wanted for specific projects so I am dyeing them myself and figured that it will make the projects are the more special. They will be gifts for the next holiday season...and since they will be lace I am starting early so that I will get them all done...lace takes time or so I am finding out. Anyway, by the end of the weekend I will have 6 newly dyed lace weights and 4 worsted weights (which I did last night, two in Brown Sheeps Lamb's Pride and two in their Nature Spun). Will post pictures of everything this weekend.

Ok friends, have to go study maps for a Poli Sci quiz (blah). Have a really great day all.