13 February 2007


I was told to update my blog...so here I am doing so. LOLOL...I have been busy with school crap ...umm... I mean... school work. My digital camera has issues as well. Sigh. Technology is great except for when it isn't. lol

I have been knitting but haven't completed anything lately. I have two pairs of socks I am working on and two lace projects. I made some more stitch markers as well. As soon as I have the camera situation worked out I will post some pics.

Wanted to mention some nice blogs I visit:
Wendy Knits
Knitty Otter
Dave Daniels aka Cabin Cove
The Panopticon
Yarnharlot (do I have to really link this one? lol)
Z Knits...and Sews
Reno Yarn Artists Club
Shut Up and Knit
Scout's Swag

There are some others but these are ones that I visit almost everyday...well every time they post anyway. lol...I use Bloglines.com which keeps track of all the blogs you visit and tells you in one place when a blog has been updated. I really like it.

Anyway...be good everyone I have to do homework. Blah!

1 comment:

Zonda said...

Hi! I see some of the same blogs I love to visit as well! Bummer on the homework, kind of cuts into your knitting time huh? :)