24 February 2007

Horcrux Socks

I joined in a sort of KAL from "I'm Knitting As Fast As I Can" and made the "Horcrux Socks". They came out great though the self stripping yarn does not show off the pattern on the leg all that well. I made them for my guy and thats the yarn he picked out. I am going to make a pair for me in a solid color so that the pattern shows up more. They are SUPER easy and fast to make. Made the first sock in a day.

My guy is always cold (being from Hawaii he gets cold easily) so I made him another pair of socks this week. I used Mode Dea Sassy stripes (in a different colorway). I didn't use a pattern, just did a generic sock except that it is ribbed from the cuff to the toe. Really fast. Seen seperately the colors look the same but seen side by the difference is easily discerned (at least it is for me lol). This yarn is nice to work with...it feels soft and is between and worsted and DK weight. Since I am working on other projects right now where the progress is slow it was fun to stop and make these and see the results quickly.

This weekend is "Stitches". Some of my knitting pals are there. I wish I could have gone it would have been fun but I just couldn't afford it this year. I hope I can go next year. I am looking forward to hearing from those that went, I hope they all have a great time.


james said...

Wow that guy has sexy feet!
You sure are lucky!

he he he

Christelle said...

Hey Miss Vikkie,

We did miss you at Stitches ... can't wait to see you!!

Love the socks!!