26 February 2007

Charity Knitting 1

I have begun my charity knitting projects for the coming year. My idea is to make scarves and hats from stitch patterns that I want to learn out of junky yarn in my stash so that I can learn new stitches and techniques, use up the yarn that is of poor quality and end up with items that I can donate. I have completed two scarves so far.

For some reason I was given a lot of brown and orange yarn on cones. I have had it in my stash for a very long time and when I recently organized the stash I came across several cones of this acrylic stuff in the two colors. For acrylic yarn it feels very soft and is light weight. I wound some of each color together for the center strip and just sort of winged it for the scarf. It actually came out pretty nice. The picture doesn't show it well but th colors sort of have a metalic look to them so the scarf looks nicer then you would think. I am happy with the way it turned out. I did the orange stripping on both ends.

I have a ton of Red Heart yarn in red for some reason and would like to contribute some scarves to the Red Scarf project for next year. Even though I made this same type of scarf for my mother with Cascade Superwash I figured it would be a good scarf to use up some of the red yarn with.

So only two scarves so far but a good start I think.

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Hi, I don't have your email so I hope this gets to you. If you want to join Sock Madness then please send us and email right away so we can set you up.