15 February 2007

Criminal Knitting Nuns

OMG! I just saw this on Yarn-A-Go-Go. "Greek nuns on the run, chased by bad debts." I am laughing so hard my face hurts. Knitting nuns turned into criminals because they couldn't afford to pay for the habit. (pun intended) LMAO!!!! They are hiding out in a monestary. Can you picture it...the cops surrounding the place, S.W.A.T in position, a negotiator on a bull horn yelling: "Ok Sisters put down your needles and come out with your hands up!" (While inside the Nuns are on their knees praying "Forgive me Father for I have knit and purled") RFLMAO.

This is just as bad as the news article a few months ago that talked about how a 60 year old lady was going around stealing yarn from yarn shops. She was wanted in several states, when they caught her they found yarn in bags from shops all over. Geez! Whish I had a copy of that one, read it at my LYS.

Is yarn addiction as bad as all that? Has it gotten this bad?


KnittyOtter said...

I'd never kill anyone for yarn... Unless I didn't like them already or something. :P

Missed you!!!

Elizabeth said...

My 6 year old has taken to telling me that I'm "addicted to knitting." Can't say I would resort to crime, however.
Hello from fellow Reno knitter, finally delurking.

Victoria said...

well its fun to know that someone is lurking on blog lol...hi there fellow ...reno-ite!