29 January 2007

Projects Galore 7

Here are some of the things I made for Christmas. Yes still sharing the things I made for gifts. Sorry about that, I am doing it in stages because of how difficult it is to insert pictures into posts.

This is one of the gifts that I made for my honey. I used Lorna's Lace Worsted Weight in the "Black Purl" colorway. The pictures do not do it just. I have to tell you this is the softest and most luxurious looking and feeling yarn. It comes in about a 200 yard hank. The yarn has as lovely sheen to it and thought the scarf I made was a simple k2, p2 it was just right to show off this yarn. It felt so very nice in my hands to work with. I have purchased more in the Vera colorway, cannot wait to make something with that. My honey loves this scarf but says its more like a dress up scarf to wear to a special occasion (sheesh I just want him to wear it lol). Honestly it has the look and feel of something that one would by in an expensive men's shop. I also have some Lorna's Lace Sock yarn...two hanks to be exact. Not enought to make something other then socks but I want to find somethign else to make with it because the colorways are just gorgeous. Sigh, what a delimma....to have such lovely fiber and not know what to make with it....lol (wink)
Alrighty I made this my friend's mother who has been really good and sweet to me and when I was far from my family and did not have a home ...it was nothing to her to just include me into her family and take me into her heart (Hi Ms Lucy! waving...she told me she reads my blog all the time). You should all know that is one special lady. I have made her something every year...she is a great lady and I cannot imagine anyone who meets her not liking her. I choose the scarf from what I saw on Knitty Gritty (Crossover Scarf the page has a very nice video on how to do the crossover technique) I changed it up a bit by doing two Xs in one row and then 3 in the next crossover row. Just to make a little more interesting since I was using worsted weight Caron's Simple Soft in a nice antique rose color. I left off the fringe because when I was finished with it, to me it didn't seem to needed. After it is blocked the entire patter oppens up and the effect is this nice orderly set of geometric X lace patterns. Really lovely in this yarn because it is so soft and has that nice sheen that makes it look like a higher end yarn. For some reason it just seemed like the right one for Ms. Lucy. I love you Ms. Lucy....those Xs are the kiss for you. Maybe next year she gets the xs and os scarf that I saw the other day so that she can get the hugs too lol.
I can't believe that I have not posted these yet. Though many of the things I made came out better I am proudest of these and they also gave me a nice lovely happy feeling to make them. Yes they are just simple mittens but they have the distinction of being my first ever mittens. I also created them in Wildfoote hand dye sock yarn. The colors are absolutely brilliant and warn and happy. These were made for sweet, handsome nephew....whom when asked what he would like for Christmas from me said to "Well are you making things for everyone else Aunt Vikkie? " , "Yes sweetied but maybe you want a toy?" and said "I want you to make me something too, MITTENS, I want mittens." With the biggest smile on my face and when I asked what color he said "RAINBOW, like you r car!" (Yes I drive a car that is a rainbow, truth). What else could I say, I HAD to make mittens. They were a joy to make and when they were done I happily parted with them and sent them to my sweet nephew to give him a smile and help him remember that his Aunt "Bikkie" (as he says, hehehe...isn't it cute) loves him! BTW the pattern came from Ms. Florrie at Deluxe Yarns. THANK YOU FLORRIE

Ok my friends enough of the computer for me tonight spent all day reading documents on line today and my eyes are rebelling. Be well all.

28 January 2007

Learning, Learning, Learning

School started but the learning I am talking about is not school stuff lol. A few posts back I said I had a list of things that I want to learn. I was going to take a class in February on Entrelac at my LYS (Deluxe Yarns the website will be updated soon) but of course life has to intrude and I can't take the class so I am teaching myself. I am also doing my first intricate lace project from "Artic Lace by Donna Druchunas" (page 136). I am making it with sock yarn however, YES, sock yarn lol. Even though the pattern is called "Chevron Scarf" it looks like hearts so I am using Shaefer in a lovely red varigated colorway (sock weight). Shaefer has a lace weight but my LYS got in some of the sock weight. Shaefer is pretty expensive HOWEVER all of their yarn is hand dyed and a hank has a good amount of yardage (sock yarn = 560 yards). When I saw this beautiful yarn there was no way I was going to make socks with it lol. IF I have any left when I am done I MIGHT make some sock so as not to let it go to waste (LOLOL that is too funny I can' believe I said...yarn go to waste? YEAH RIGHT). I purchased two hanks so shall see what I do with it when I am done with the project. So far it is coming out beautiful. This yarn is so soft and I am using a size 8 circular that its coming out airy but with enough structure in the knit sections that the yo sections will stand out.

So my list has 3 items ticked off of it. Yeah me! The more I knit the more I keep coming up with a feeling of calmness and satisfication that I never felt when I was crocheting. I was pretty far gone with my yarn addiction while I was crocheting but knitting has taken me to a different level. There is a real artistic need that is met with knitting that I did not get with crochet. My artistic outlet was my painting but I have not been able to really paint in a long time but the need for creating art was still there. Knitting isn't exactly the complete artistic outlet that my heart needs (yet) but every time I learn a new skill or technique or solve a problem my creative ideas increase. I have ideas for taking knitting and turning all my new found skills not only into garments and the like but pieces that might be framed and displayed as art. I can actually see my knitting turning into knitted paintings. Hard to imagine? lol maybe I am strange but I see it clearly. I can see knitted pieces in some of my geometric designs and full on portraits with an abstract bent that are textured and have movement. So I just feel a push in my heart and mind to keep learning so that I can make my artistic ideas come to fruition.

Well until that happens I have homework to get done so that I can knit! LOL

25 January 2007

Projects Galore 6

These are fingerless Gloves that I made for myself. The first things I have made for myself! lol HOWEVER, there is a problem with them. Each pair has one glove which does not fit correctly at the top because for each pair i bound off to tightly...sigh...and...I did not try them on BEFORE weaving in the end. As a testament to how well I am able to weave in so that it invisible I cannot now back it out so that I can loosen the bind off. So one of each set is uncomfortable to wear. I do have more of each skein but it is not yarn that I can get more of because they were one time dye lots. One from Cherry Tree Hill and another whose label I lost (I know, I know...duh). I purchased this yarn last fall when I went to visit my sister in CA last fall. The yarn is just gorgeous the pictures do not do the colors justice...also can you see how there is a subtle patterning to the colorway? That was a fun surprise. As for the pattern, it is part a pattern from online somewhere (sorry, don't remember and I am usually so good about keeping notes in my notebook but for this project I just went a bit air-heady lol), the other part of the pattern came from Ms. Florrie (at Deluxe Yarn) and my own adjustment for the thumbs. I want to make another pair from different yarn and now can't find what I did with my notes. The title of this post should be "Air-head Project" lol....geez

As for other projects: Finished my first Moebius from Cat Bordhi's Magical Knitting Book 1. Great book, easy, easy, easy to follow and fun. I just made the first time beginners scarf. It came out a bit longer then and thinner then I wanted but I learned and know what to do next time. Also working on two lace projects, Jaywalker sock from MagKnits.com , struggling with a pair of socks in worsted weight for my honey (they are just coming out wonking, have ripped them back 6 times now grrrr), a blanket (for honey lol) and another scarf. I get bored and have to have several projects going at once, can you tell? lol

On the school front, shifting myself to an evening/nightime schedule is difficult but doable. I worked nights for most of the time I was in the Navy so you would think I would be used it lol. Wish me luck tonight is my long night, 4 pm to 9:45 pm. lol YIKES! Speaking of which time to do some reading for class tonight...can you believe that its only the 2nd class meeting and I have a test? This is a new one for me lol. Take care all.
Everyone play yarn nicely please. :-)

22 January 2007

Back to School...Sigh

My classes start up again today...winter break went way too fast. Blah...I am not too happy with my schedule but I had no choice. All of my classes start at 4 pm. My first class tonight goes from 4 to 6:45...gross...it gets hard for me to focus at night so shall see how this goes. Two of my classes are once a week for 2 hours and 45 minutes. On the up side I get to sleep in...lol...maybe depending on the work load.

On the knitting side of things...went to the Sunday library knitting meetup...it was a nice visit but way too short. It should go for 2 hours because there just doesn't seem to be enough time for the "class". I also completed a moebius scarf from Cat Bordhi's: "A Treasury of Magical Knitting". It was pretty easy except I ended up making it too long and not as wide as I wanted but I learned. The book is really nice in that the intructions are clear and every time a new technique is to be used there are step by step pictures to follow. REALLY NICE! I made my scarf in Brown Sheep's "Blue Blood Red" Lambs Pride and their "Handpainted Orignals". Pictures coming soon.

Well off to get ready for school, wish me well all. In the mean time be kind to yourself.

19 January 2007

Always Forget Something!

After I post I always seem to remember things I wanted to blog about. Sheesh! Last night I had a REALLY fun time at the Bi-monthly meetup of the "Knit 'n Rip" Group and my LYS (Deluxe Yarns). It was just a plain good time. Sharing knitting, advice and laughs with some really nice people. The lovely Knitty Otter was present and so was the lovely lady from Chipping Away (check out her blog and look at the gorgeous shawl she made as a gift for her mother and the super fun fish mittens she made, she brought them last night and they are way fantastic!). I really enjoy the group meetups but starting next week until the end of my spring semester I will not be able to attend the 3rd Thursday meetups and will only get to attend one hour of the first Monday meetups. Sigh...I don't know what it is but it is so funn to sit and play yarn with others. Is it the communal thing or sharing the passion of handmade art with others? Not sure but I enjoy the connection. :-)

Dyeing Yarn

I have been trying my hand at some dyeing. This was my first one. It was alot of fun though the colors came out more mutated then I really wanted. I still like the colors and the way It came out. I used white peruvian wool Cascade 220 to start with.

These two were also Cascade 220 wool. Again the colors came out mutated. I was being too conservative with the ratio of dye to water/vinegar solution. I also tried to do two balls at the same time so that I could have enough yarn to make something with the colorway. The first one I used only one skein of Cascade 220. These two add up to about 440 yards of Cascade however even though they were died with the same colors at the same time they came out different. Sheesh! lol

This is my favorite and also the fourth one I did. I finally got the intensity right. The colors came out vibrant. I used Brown Sheep's Wildfoot whose base color was a pastel pink. I used two skeins and wound them together so I have about 430 yards of sock weight yarn but I do not want to make sock with it because I want it to be seen.
I can't wait to do more but have to get some more dye and containers to mix the different colors. I used Wilton's Icing Dye and Mccormik's Food Coloring for this first time dyeing. Would like to also try the Kool Aide process as well, though from what I have read the Kool Aide colors come out light and I like intense jewel tone colors the best. It was surprisingly easy and fun to do...though messy.

Following is what I did with the food coloring:
1. First skein I used the yarn dry but the second set I soaked the yarn over night in a solution of water and vinegar. Soaking it seems to work better because the yarn soaks up the dye solution faster.
2. Then mixed color with a solution of warm water and a teaspoon of vinegar.
3. Using sponge brushes I painted the yarn with the coloring.
4. After I was satisfied with that all the yarn had been saturated with color it was wrapped with Saran Wrap (like a suasage) and coiled on the turning plate of the microwave.
5. The yarn was then "cooked" for four , two minute intervals with about a two minute break in between each.
6. Once it was "cooked" I let the yarn sit for a bit to cool enough to handle.
7. I then took it into the bathroom and unwrapped it and rinsed it with cool water until the water ran clear.
8. Finally I just hung it in the shower to dry and wound it up the next day.
All in all it took about 2 hours from start to finish to do two skeins. Not counting the clean up afterwards lol. Oh and btw I did not do it alone my honey got into it with me and it was fun to share it with him. :-) yeah!

18 January 2007

Charity Knitting

I am discovering that manny knitters around the world (crocehters also) are generous souls. They enjoy their fiber arts so much that they wish it to be shared with others. I think that Charity Knitting accomplishes two things: 1. The knitter gets to explore their passion and share it. 2. The person who recieves it gets a unique handmade item to comfort them or keep them warm. I can't think of better reasons! So I am offering a list for charities in which knitters may be a part of. Just so everyone knows I am not associated with any of the programs listed in any way. I just thought it would be nice to offer an easy way to find charity knitting groups if people were looking for them. That is all.

Knitters Without Borders: http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/tsffaq.html

The Dulaan Project:http://www.fireprojects.org/dulaan.htm

Project Linus: http://www.projectlinus.org/

Red Scarf Project: http://nownormaknits2.typepad.com/red_scarf_project_2007/

Knitting for a better World (list of links and addresses for charities): http://www.interweave.com/knit/charities.asp

Hats 4 the Homeless: http://www.hats4thehomeless.org/

Prayer Shawl Ministry: http://www.shawlministry.com/

Socks for Soldiers: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/socksforsoldiers/

Hugs for Homeless Animals: http://www.h4ha.org/snuggles/

Warm up America: http://www.craftyarncouncil.com/warmup.html

The Preemie Project: http://www.thepreemieproject.com/

Lion Brand's Free Charity Knit Projects: http://www.lionbrand.com/charityPatterns.html

Charity Knitting Patterns (free): http://www.culturedpurls.com/charity.htm

Stitches from the Heart: http://www.stitchesfromtheheart.org/

Mother Bear Project: http://www.motherbearproject.org/

Knit for the Cure: http://www.knitforthecure.com/

There are lots more out there, these are just a few that I have seen mentioned regularly on shows and by others. I am going to participate in two that resonate with me. If all the knitters did participated in at least one then a lot of people could be comforted.

17 January 2007

Fun Places for Knitting

Hey here is a blog whose author does podcasts:

Also there is the Knitty Chat:

Almost Forgot!

I cannot believe I have not posted anything about this yet! I scored very nicely a couple of Sundays ago. I went to the bi-monthly meeting/class for the Clickets group at the Spanish Springs Library. At the end of the class when things were being put away I noticed a very nice knitting bag (monogrammed with SMW, but no matter). I asked one of the ladies "Whose bag is that?", "Oh it was donated to the group, but we don't really have the storage space for it, want it?". Of course I said yes. Well took it away with me and on the way home I opened it and found another surprise (honey was driving). Inside was a matching needle case (no needles lol) and 3 skeins of Irish wool in a nice warm colors. SCORE! Also that day I scored dpns and some old needles including some green bakelites! Again things that people had donated to the group. Now its not as good a score as the one made by Franklyn (The Panopticon) but for me it was pretty nice!!!! Yippy for me! It is late now and don't want to do pics but I will soon.
Off to dream land now.

16 January 2007

Projects Galore 5

Orange Warming Set
This is the set I made for my honey for Christmas. The hat is a modified cable hat pattern from Stitch n' Bitch Nation. I added extra pattern rounds, made the cable brim longer so that it would fold. The book's pattern called for a short ribbing prior to the cabling but it is too short to cover the ears. So I made it longer and then when the hat was done I picked up stitches around the edge and so that it would fold neatly. As for the scarf, I took the cable pattern for the hat and figured it out so that it would be a flat pattern. I love, love, love how it came out. I am really proud of this scarf, it looks like something that would be found in an expensive store. Finaly I made him fingerless gloves. I used Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride worsted weight in orange. I just love this yarn. It isn't expensive and knits up so nice. The colors are really bright and varied. I wish they made variegated colors. The yarn is perfectly suited to variegation. I have also been told that it felts wonderfully. I am hoping to make something for felting with it.

Speaking of felting I was told also that Patons SWS felts really nicely as well. It comes in really nice colors and has a nice sheen to it. The variegations are done so that there will be a stripping pattern. I am going to buy some soon.

Projects I am currently working on
1. Shawl (page 20 of Victorian Lace)
2. Socks (in Mag Knits "Jaywalker" pattern with one of Opal's new colorways)
3. Socks (in Modea Sassy Strips, no pattern just my own thing)
4. Afghan (no pattern, just my own thing, using Lion Brand's Homespun and Caron's Simply soft carried together)
5. Butterfly Bag (my own pattern for the bag using a graph for duplicate stitch a friend gave me)
6. Dyeing yarn (did my first try tonight, colors did not come out as deep/bright as I wanted, but it was a first try, skein is hanging in the shower to dry; I used Wilson's food coloring dyes)

New things I want to learn
: (some of the links for examples of what I mean are from Knitty Otter, whom is extremely talented and has completed pieces that are excellent examples of the kind of work I want to do as well)
2. Cabled type sock pattern
3. Mobius Scarf type project
4. Intricate Lace pattern
5. Faire Isle
6. A sweater
8. Making something with sock yarn that isn't a sock. lol
Sigh and school starts back up next Monday. The break went way too fast for me.

13 January 2007

Knitty Otter

Hey everyone!
For months have been knitting in a group with a wonderful lady and just today figured out that she is the "Knitty Otter"! Geez I am slow...been to her blog many times and didn't put it together. duh! She is way cool and very talented!

12 January 2007

Projects Galore 4

(Projects Galore 1, 2, 3)

This one I made for my Mom from Cascade 220 Superwash Wool (worsted weight). the yarn is soft and nice to work with. I created the scarf from a stitch called "The Faggot Stitch", really simple to do but the look comes out really classy. The picture does not do the stitch or the yarn justice. I am going to have to make a another scarf or at least a sample of the stitch to keep for reference because it is really nice.
This one I created for my friend Katherine. Its made with the ladder type ribbon yarn. I have had several balls of this stuff in my stash for a long time but didn't know what to do with it. I used size 13 straights and just began with two stitches casted on and increased untill there were about 20, knitted in garter until I thought it was long enough and then decreased. I didn't use a pattern just made it up (so simple that there really wasn't anything to make up lol). She really liked it and she wore it against a black blouse and it looked really dressy.
I made this one for my Math research partner. I used Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride in worsted weight with Brown Sheeps Handpainted Originals carried along with it. Once again the picture does not do it justice because the colors are great and the scarf came out really soft and cozy. I just love Brown Sheep. All of their yarns (Lamb's Pride, Handpainted Originals, Nature Spun , Cotton Fleece and Wildfoote Sock Yarn) that I have used thus far are great to use. The colors are vibrant and the yarn has the look and feel of more expensive yarn. I have felted with their Nature's spun and I was extremely happy with the results (pictures to come).
I am currently working on a blanket for my honey, two pairs of socks, a new bag that will be felted (with a new technique for me, duplicate stitch), a bag done in cotton. I have finished several other projects and those pictures will come soon (3 felted bags, re-cycled sari silk bag, funky scarf, 2 pairs of fingerless gloves). So much yarn, so little time, sigh.
I am working on learning lace but am having a hard time finding lace weight yarn in my area and may have to buy it online. I HATE buying yarn online when I have never felt and seen the yarn. I want to know what I am buying before I buy it. Then if I don't like it I have to go through the hassle of sending it back, which is a pain in the ASS. No other way to put it because that is what it is! I am going to check with a LYS that is about an hour and a half away. But there are two close to me, the one I hang out (Deluxe Yarns) and another that I refuse to do business with (because they are WAY over priced and rude to customers, won't mention the name because that is just not nice but most locals know it because of their poor reputation). I think I may not have a choice though. My LYS hang out does carry some lace weight yarn but not what I am looking for. I have 3 projects that I want to make for next Christmas and would like to start soon (as you all know lace can be time consuming), so I need to get my hands on the yarn I want rather quickly. There is also a money constraint. Any ideas from anyone would be appreciated.
Ok have a great weekend, bye for now!

10 January 2007

Projects Galore 3

This is the 3rd post concerning my holiday projects (see Projects Galore 1 and 2 here).

Sierra's Scarves:

My lovely niece told me that she loves scarves so I made her 5 scarves. Yes 5...to be honest only one was a challenge. The first one pictured here was created with Brown Sheep's Handpainted Originals in Mountain colorway. It is absolutely fabulous yarn to work with, it has a lovely sheen and is slightly fuzzy (80% Mohair, 20% Wool). I used the left overs from another scarf and created this super skinny scarf in garter stitch and really big needles so that it would be really strechy so that it could be used as a belt, tie, head band or what ever she wanted.
The second scarf is a feather and fan stitch. This was a bit of a challenge because I had to create my own pattern from the stitch directions I found in the Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns. The yarn I used was in my stash and its band was missing when I went to use it. It is a Mohair that has been plyed with a skinny rainbow ribbon type yarn...I know that it is from Stacey Charles but I cannot remember for the life of me the name of it. I know it is still made and comes in a variety of colorways. I am pretty proud of this scarf because it was my first try into a lace type of piece. I enjoyed making it and it was also the scarf out of all 5 that I sent which my niece mentioned specifically saying it was gorgeous. She has discerning tastes (lol that is the polite way of saying she is a picky teenager...lol which she proudly proclaims herself to be!), if she says she likes it then thats teen speak for "I love it! Its so me!" (or least that is what I am choosing to believe it means lol). I am in the processing of learning some new techinques such as complicated lace and entrelac in order to make some high end looking pieces just for her.

For the holidays, as I have previously mentioned, I recieved gift certificates for books, with them I purchased 4 books. One is the "Arctic Lace: Knitting Projects and Stories Inspired by Alaska's Native Knitters"... all I have to say is WOWIE ZOWIE what a great book. It is a sociology book and history book of knitting in Alaska as well as a lace teaching book. Unbelievable. The author (Donna Druchunas) has a knack for simple easy to understand lessons. The book is not just a pattern book...it teaches you how to design your own lace patterns as well. Really fantastic! The Native Alaskan Knitters discussed in the book use a type of yarn (Qiviut) that comes from Musk Oxen (which I learned are not related to Oxen but sheep). The fiber that comes from them is rare (because the animal was close to extinction at one point but are now carefully and lovingly cared for), so as you can imagine the yarn is extremely expensive. The cheapest I found it was online for about $50.00 for a little over 200 yards. YIKES! Expensive yes but the pieces that are created from it is absolutely gorgeous. One day I will get myself a couple of skeins, one skein would not be enough to make something with would need at least 2. Yes I know, I know...$100.00+ for two skeins of yarn????? Sigh, I must be an addict/fanatic to even contemplate the purchase. LOL

Anyway thats all for today. Take care to all!

07 January 2007

Knitting Chat

I do not know why I am surprised but I am for some reason...I found an online irc chat channel setup for knitting chat! Check it out " http://knittychat.sadevil.org/cgi-bin/irc.cgi "

06 January 2007

Knitting Graph Paper

Just found this! An online program that lets you input the number of stitches and rows for a 4 inch square and returns graph paper for charting out the pattern to fit your gauge. Really nice tool for designing. ABCs of Knitting - Actual Size Graph Papers.

05 January 2007

Have You Met Franklin?

Ok I was just reading The Yarnharlot's blog and found a link to "The Panopticon"...a blog by a gentlman named Franklin who is a knitter, writer, artist, photographer, cartoonist and funny as all HELL! You must check out his blog and his carictures of knitting, especially Dolores! I about split my sides! His blog will be one of my daily reads from now on. He has lots of links to many other creative knitters/writers (many of which I had not come across before).

Also have to mention the blog of a youngwoman that I came across months ago (before I had a blog of my own) who is from "Da Bronx"... where I originally hail from. Her name is Sara Briscoe and her blog is "SistahCraft". Smart and talented woman!

02 January 2007

Just had too!

Yes two posts in one day. I forgot that I have these new pics of my pets.

Pic 1: Patches taking snooze.

Pic 2: Princess Lilly on her throne!

Pic 3: Mis Nani! Does that look comfortable? Not to me and she was out cold. Notice her back leg under her head? What is this that about? LOL

Projects Galore 2

Here are some more projects that I created as Holiday Gifts:

Maria's scarf: Ok this has a cool sort of wrap pattern that the cannot be seen well in this picture. I used a pattern stitch from "Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns", using a stitch pattern called "pillar stitch" I then wrote my own pattern for the scarf. I used Caron's Simply Soft Yarn. I am not a big fan of acrylics but this is one of the exceptions. The yarn is extremely soft and has a sheen that is usually only seen in higher quality carns. It is a comfortable yarn to work with and knits up beautifully, makes gorgeous scraves and sweaters and hold up really well. As with all acrylic yarns its a bit difficult to block and should be taken to the cleaners to be steamed pressed in order for it to lay flat. My sister in NYC was the reciever and she told me she loves and now wants socks. LOL of course.

Robert's scarf: This one I made for my brother-in-law (Maria's hubby). Though I haven't heard it from him my sister tells me he loves it and its the perfect color for him. Its made from the same yarn that I made my sister's from. It is just a simple K2, P2 rib. I did not use a pattern I just casted on about 36 stitches and went for it, stopped when I thought it would be long enough. lol Again because of this yarn, the sheen gives the scarf an upscale look.
As a side note: I happen to have a ton of Caron's Simply Soft Yarn in my stash. Why? Well, a few years ago (actually about 10) Walmart put all their Caron Simply Soft on sale because they said at the time they were not going to carry it any longer (they didn't for a long time and recently began to again). The sale was too much to pass up, $0.50 a skein. Now I ask you, how could any true yarn addict pass up a sale like that? NONE I say. LOL Suffice it to say I went to town and purchased as much of every color that I could afford. OF COURSE.! Now this week I will be going through my stash and removing things I will absolutely never crochet or knit with but not of what I will be donating will be the Simply Soft. Cannot part with it, sorry, no how, no way! lol
Ok...thats it for today. I hope everyone had a happy and safe new year!
Good wishes to all.