05 January 2007

Have You Met Franklin?

Ok I was just reading The Yarnharlot's blog and found a link to "The Panopticon"...a blog by a gentlman named Franklin who is a knitter, writer, artist, photographer, cartoonist and funny as all HELL! You must check out his blog and his carictures of knitting, especially Dolores! I about split my sides! His blog will be one of my daily reads from now on. He has lots of links to many other creative knitters/writers (many of which I had not come across before).

Also have to mention the blog of a youngwoman that I came across months ago (before I had a blog of my own) who is from "Da Bronx"... where I originally hail from. Her name is Sara Briscoe and her blog is "SistahCraft". Smart and talented woman!

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Kathy said...

Hey I just want you to know I'm typing this with Neelix on my shoulder with his tail in my face. He also dragged my knitting across the kitchen while I was otherwise occupied. He is his mother's son.