16 January 2007

Projects Galore 5

Orange Warming Set
This is the set I made for my honey for Christmas. The hat is a modified cable hat pattern from Stitch n' Bitch Nation. I added extra pattern rounds, made the cable brim longer so that it would fold. The book's pattern called for a short ribbing prior to the cabling but it is too short to cover the ears. So I made it longer and then when the hat was done I picked up stitches around the edge and so that it would fold neatly. As for the scarf, I took the cable pattern for the hat and figured it out so that it would be a flat pattern. I love, love, love how it came out. I am really proud of this scarf, it looks like something that would be found in an expensive store. Finaly I made him fingerless gloves. I used Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride worsted weight in orange. I just love this yarn. It isn't expensive and knits up so nice. The colors are really bright and varied. I wish they made variegated colors. The yarn is perfectly suited to variegation. I have also been told that it felts wonderfully. I am hoping to make something for felting with it.

Speaking of felting I was told also that Patons SWS felts really nicely as well. It comes in really nice colors and has a nice sheen to it. The variegations are done so that there will be a stripping pattern. I am going to buy some soon.

Projects I am currently working on
1. Shawl (page 20 of Victorian Lace)
2. Socks (in Mag Knits "Jaywalker" pattern with one of Opal's new colorways)
3. Socks (in Modea Sassy Strips, no pattern just my own thing)
4. Afghan (no pattern, just my own thing, using Lion Brand's Homespun and Caron's Simply soft carried together)
5. Butterfly Bag (my own pattern for the bag using a graph for duplicate stitch a friend gave me)
6. Dyeing yarn (did my first try tonight, colors did not come out as deep/bright as I wanted, but it was a first try, skein is hanging in the shower to dry; I used Wilson's food coloring dyes)

New things I want to learn
: (some of the links for examples of what I mean are from Knitty Otter, whom is extremely talented and has completed pieces that are excellent examples of the kind of work I want to do as well)
2. Cabled type sock pattern
3. Mobius Scarf type project
4. Intricate Lace pattern
5. Faire Isle
6. A sweater
8. Making something with sock yarn that isn't a sock. lol
Sigh and school starts back up next Monday. The break went way too fast for me.


KnittyOtter said...

Hey Victoria,

The Hat, Scarf & Mitt set you made for your sweetie are awesome! :D

Oh and to clarify the stranded had is Fair Isle not Intarsia. Intarsia is picture knitting where you create a picture within a block of solid color and the fair ilse uses stranded knitting (what you see on the inside of the project) to make the stitches create motifs with all those dashes. ;)

Here's an example of Intarsia: http://knittyotter.typepad.com/otterknits/2006/08/fo_bunny_bag.html

Oh and the socks you have as cable socks aren't cables at all, although it really does look that way. It's actually an eyelet lace pattern. Really fast and easy too. :D The pattern is at Magknits. The name is Hourglass Eyelet Socks.


I hope your last week on break is going well. See ya tonight! :D


Victoria said...

hey thanks for the corrections i appreciate! keep learning every day lol