22 January 2007

Back to School...Sigh

My classes start up again today...winter break went way too fast. Blah...I am not too happy with my schedule but I had no choice. All of my classes start at 4 pm. My first class tonight goes from 4 to 6:45...gross...it gets hard for me to focus at night so shall see how this goes. Two of my classes are once a week for 2 hours and 45 minutes. On the up side I get to sleep in...lol...maybe depending on the work load.

On the knitting side of things...went to the Sunday library knitting meetup...it was a nice visit but way too short. It should go for 2 hours because there just doesn't seem to be enough time for the "class". I also completed a moebius scarf from Cat Bordhi's: "A Treasury of Magical Knitting". It was pretty easy except I ended up making it too long and not as wide as I wanted but I learned. The book is really nice in that the intructions are clear and every time a new technique is to be used there are step by step pictures to follow. REALLY NICE! I made my scarf in Brown Sheep's "Blue Blood Red" Lambs Pride and their "Handpainted Orignals". Pictures coming soon.

Well off to get ready for school, wish me well all. In the mean time be kind to yourself.

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