17 January 2007

Almost Forgot!

I cannot believe I have not posted anything about this yet! I scored very nicely a couple of Sundays ago. I went to the bi-monthly meeting/class for the Clickets group at the Spanish Springs Library. At the end of the class when things were being put away I noticed a very nice knitting bag (monogrammed with SMW, but no matter). I asked one of the ladies "Whose bag is that?", "Oh it was donated to the group, but we don't really have the storage space for it, want it?". Of course I said yes. Well took it away with me and on the way home I opened it and found another surprise (honey was driving). Inside was a matching needle case (no needles lol) and 3 skeins of Irish wool in a nice warm colors. SCORE! Also that day I scored dpns and some old needles including some green bakelites! Again things that people had donated to the group. Now its not as good a score as the one made by Franklyn (The Panopticon) but for me it was pretty nice!!!! Yippy for me! It is late now and don't want to do pics but I will soon.
Off to dream land now.

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