25 January 2007

Projects Galore 6

These are fingerless Gloves that I made for myself. The first things I have made for myself! lol HOWEVER, there is a problem with them. Each pair has one glove which does not fit correctly at the top because for each pair i bound off to tightly...sigh...and...I did not try them on BEFORE weaving in the end. As a testament to how well I am able to weave in so that it invisible I cannot now back it out so that I can loosen the bind off. So one of each set is uncomfortable to wear. I do have more of each skein but it is not yarn that I can get more of because they were one time dye lots. One from Cherry Tree Hill and another whose label I lost (I know, I know...duh). I purchased this yarn last fall when I went to visit my sister in CA last fall. The yarn is just gorgeous the pictures do not do the colors justice...also can you see how there is a subtle patterning to the colorway? That was a fun surprise. As for the pattern, it is part a pattern from online somewhere (sorry, don't remember and I am usually so good about keeping notes in my notebook but for this project I just went a bit air-heady lol), the other part of the pattern came from Ms. Florrie (at Deluxe Yarn) and my own adjustment for the thumbs. I want to make another pair from different yarn and now can't find what I did with my notes. The title of this post should be "Air-head Project" lol....geez

As for other projects: Finished my first Moebius from Cat Bordhi's Magical Knitting Book 1. Great book, easy, easy, easy to follow and fun. I just made the first time beginners scarf. It came out a bit longer then and thinner then I wanted but I learned and know what to do next time. Also working on two lace projects, Jaywalker sock from MagKnits.com , struggling with a pair of socks in worsted weight for my honey (they are just coming out wonking, have ripped them back 6 times now grrrr), a blanket (for honey lol) and another scarf. I get bored and have to have several projects going at once, can you tell? lol

On the school front, shifting myself to an evening/nightime schedule is difficult but doable. I worked nights for most of the time I was in the Navy so you would think I would be used it lol. Wish me luck tonight is my long night, 4 pm to 9:45 pm. lol YIKES! Speaking of which time to do some reading for class tonight...can you believe that its only the 2nd class meeting and I have a test? This is a new one for me lol. Take care all.
Everyone play yarn nicely please. :-)


Shannon A said...

Wow those are nice, Vikkie! I like the 'unexpected' patterns. It's a shame they don't fit right...or did I read it wrong? Having classes at night isn't fun, I wish you the best. Now I gotta go and pick out a Birthday Gift for Rachel...Her birthday is tomorrow.

Zonda said...

Nice job on the gloves!! Good luck with school, don't envy you there! :)