28 January 2007

Learning, Learning, Learning

School started but the learning I am talking about is not school stuff lol. A few posts back I said I had a list of things that I want to learn. I was going to take a class in February on Entrelac at my LYS (Deluxe Yarns the website will be updated soon) but of course life has to intrude and I can't take the class so I am teaching myself. I am also doing my first intricate lace project from "Artic Lace by Donna Druchunas" (page 136). I am making it with sock yarn however, YES, sock yarn lol. Even though the pattern is called "Chevron Scarf" it looks like hearts so I am using Shaefer in a lovely red varigated colorway (sock weight). Shaefer has a lace weight but my LYS got in some of the sock weight. Shaefer is pretty expensive HOWEVER all of their yarn is hand dyed and a hank has a good amount of yardage (sock yarn = 560 yards). When I saw this beautiful yarn there was no way I was going to make socks with it lol. IF I have any left when I am done I MIGHT make some sock so as not to let it go to waste (LOLOL that is too funny I can' believe I said...yarn go to waste? YEAH RIGHT). I purchased two hanks so shall see what I do with it when I am done with the project. So far it is coming out beautiful. This yarn is so soft and I am using a size 8 circular that its coming out airy but with enough structure in the knit sections that the yo sections will stand out.

So my list has 3 items ticked off of it. Yeah me! The more I knit the more I keep coming up with a feeling of calmness and satisfication that I never felt when I was crocheting. I was pretty far gone with my yarn addiction while I was crocheting but knitting has taken me to a different level. There is a real artistic need that is met with knitting that I did not get with crochet. My artistic outlet was my painting but I have not been able to really paint in a long time but the need for creating art was still there. Knitting isn't exactly the complete artistic outlet that my heart needs (yet) but every time I learn a new skill or technique or solve a problem my creative ideas increase. I have ideas for taking knitting and turning all my new found skills not only into garments and the like but pieces that might be framed and displayed as art. I can actually see my knitting turning into knitted paintings. Hard to imagine? lol maybe I am strange but I see it clearly. I can see knitted pieces in some of my geometric designs and full on portraits with an abstract bent that are textured and have movement. So I just feel a push in my heart and mind to keep learning so that I can make my artistic ideas come to fruition.

Well until that happens I have homework to get done so that I can knit! LOL

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