29 January 2007

Projects Galore 7

Here are some of the things I made for Christmas. Yes still sharing the things I made for gifts. Sorry about that, I am doing it in stages because of how difficult it is to insert pictures into posts.

This is one of the gifts that I made for my honey. I used Lorna's Lace Worsted Weight in the "Black Purl" colorway. The pictures do not do it just. I have to tell you this is the softest and most luxurious looking and feeling yarn. It comes in about a 200 yard hank. The yarn has as lovely sheen to it and thought the scarf I made was a simple k2, p2 it was just right to show off this yarn. It felt so very nice in my hands to work with. I have purchased more in the Vera colorway, cannot wait to make something with that. My honey loves this scarf but says its more like a dress up scarf to wear to a special occasion (sheesh I just want him to wear it lol). Honestly it has the look and feel of something that one would by in an expensive men's shop. I also have some Lorna's Lace Sock yarn...two hanks to be exact. Not enought to make something other then socks but I want to find somethign else to make with it because the colorways are just gorgeous. Sigh, what a delimma....to have such lovely fiber and not know what to make with it....lol (wink)
Alrighty I made this my friend's mother who has been really good and sweet to me and when I was far from my family and did not have a home ...it was nothing to her to just include me into her family and take me into her heart (Hi Ms Lucy! waving...she told me she reads my blog all the time). You should all know that is one special lady. I have made her something every year...she is a great lady and I cannot imagine anyone who meets her not liking her. I choose the scarf from what I saw on Knitty Gritty (Crossover Scarf the page has a very nice video on how to do the crossover technique) I changed it up a bit by doing two Xs in one row and then 3 in the next crossover row. Just to make a little more interesting since I was using worsted weight Caron's Simple Soft in a nice antique rose color. I left off the fringe because when I was finished with it, to me it didn't seem to needed. After it is blocked the entire patter oppens up and the effect is this nice orderly set of geometric X lace patterns. Really lovely in this yarn because it is so soft and has that nice sheen that makes it look like a higher end yarn. For some reason it just seemed like the right one for Ms. Lucy. I love you Ms. Lucy....those Xs are the kiss for you. Maybe next year she gets the xs and os scarf that I saw the other day so that she can get the hugs too lol.
I can't believe that I have not posted these yet. Though many of the things I made came out better I am proudest of these and they also gave me a nice lovely happy feeling to make them. Yes they are just simple mittens but they have the distinction of being my first ever mittens. I also created them in Wildfoote hand dye sock yarn. The colors are absolutely brilliant and warn and happy. These were made for sweet, handsome nephew....whom when asked what he would like for Christmas from me said to "Well are you making things for everyone else Aunt Vikkie? " , "Yes sweetied but maybe you want a toy?" and said "I want you to make me something too, MITTENS, I want mittens." With the biggest smile on my face and when I asked what color he said "RAINBOW, like you r car!" (Yes I drive a car that is a rainbow, truth). What else could I say, I HAD to make mittens. They were a joy to make and when they were done I happily parted with them and sent them to my sweet nephew to give him a smile and help him remember that his Aunt "Bikkie" (as he says, hehehe...isn't it cute) loves him! BTW the pattern came from Ms. Florrie at Deluxe Yarns. THANK YOU FLORRIE

Ok my friends enough of the computer for me tonight spent all day reading documents on line today and my eyes are rebelling. Be well all.


christelle said...

You have to bring the scarf you made out of the black purl to the next knit up. :-) Happy Knitting Friend. I can't wait for you to start the Enterlac.

Zonda said...

Love that scarf!! I have a few skeins of LL worsted yet to use..hmm.. Nice mitts too! The pink scarf is very pretty! :)