19 January 2007

Always Forget Something!

After I post I always seem to remember things I wanted to blog about. Sheesh! Last night I had a REALLY fun time at the Bi-monthly meetup of the "Knit 'n Rip" Group and my LYS (Deluxe Yarns). It was just a plain good time. Sharing knitting, advice and laughs with some really nice people. The lovely Knitty Otter was present and so was the lovely lady from Chipping Away (check out her blog and look at the gorgeous shawl she made as a gift for her mother and the super fun fish mittens she made, she brought them last night and they are way fantastic!). I really enjoy the group meetups but starting next week until the end of my spring semester I will not be able to attend the 3rd Thursday meetups and will only get to attend one hour of the first Monday meetups. Sigh...I don't know what it is but it is so funn to sit and play yarn with others. Is it the communal thing or sharing the passion of handmade art with others? Not sure but I enjoy the connection. :-)

1 comment:

KnittyOtter said...

ick. Blog Spam. o.0

Anyway... I'm going to MISS YOU!! You can't go. :( *pouty lip out*

You'll just have to tell life to chill out while you have some knitting time with your friends.

I hope school goes smoothly though. It is nice to have it moving along I suppose. ;)

Hey you going to be around tomorrow or do you have stuff to do?

Hope to see ya. ;)