20 February 2007

...no pics to show

Ok I finished one of my favorite projects that I have done thus far and cannot share a picture of it because my digital camera is ...fubar (if you don't know what that term means then ask...can take the girl out of the Navy but can't take the Navy out of the girl...lol). I completed a really nice Entrelac bag this weekend in Noro Kureyeon. Felted and everything...you will have to take my word for it...it came out GREAT! I am so happy with it. I want to line it but I don't sew (hate sewing actually) so it may just stay as is for awhile.

I am deep into 4 lace projects (not to mention two sock projects)...one from Artic Lace, one from Victoria Lace Today, one I found online, and oneu from a Fiber Trends (AC-73 x: Cocoon Lace Scarf or Wrap by Evelyn A. Clark) pattern purchased at my LYS. As soon as I am able to take pictures of what I am making I will post them and more details about each.

I want to dye more yarn but need to purchase some more from Knitpicks...this time I want to get some different weights because last time I only purchased lace weight. I would like to make socks from yarn that I have died myself. My lovely Otter friend explained how to design my own self stripping yarn, its not as hard as I thought it would be.

Other then that, just been doing the school thing...work load still isn't that difficult to handle and going in the evening and at night is not as bad as I thought it would be. So far the only thing that really is a pain is the feeling like I am waiting to start my day.


KnittyOtter said...

If you are still cameraless when I get back bring it all to the next knit thingy, or when I see you next (Sat 3/3?) and I can take pics and email you if you like.

Or just bring 'em cause I wanna see. :D

I can't wait to see your next dye stuff. SO cool!

Zonda said...

Hi! Your bag sounds really nice, hope you can one day get a picture of it.

BTW, if you want a quick, easy lining and hate to sew. Buy a pre-made canvas/fabric tote bag, they make them in a lot of sizes and colors. (fabric or craft stores in the ready to paint/craft sections near the t-shirst)! Turn inside out (so outside has become your inside) and fold edge toward the inside of felted bag, cutting top and straps of lining "bag" if you need to. The whipstitch to your bag. Hope I explained this right..feel free to email me if you need more help! :)