01 March 2007

Warming Feet

Well for some reason I have gotten bit by the need to make socks. I completed another pair of socks for my honey. Third pair in a week and half ....started a fourth pair last night (almost done with one). I am hoping to be added to the Sock Madness competition, so maybe somewhere in my little mind I am warming up for it ...lol. I recieved an email today saying that I needed to message back ASAP if I wanted to join in but have not heard back yet to see if I have been added. It looks like a lot of fun and I think I have everything that is required for the competition.

Here are the socks I finished last night. I used Trekking XXL in colorway 28. I wound the yarn into a center pull ball and used it double stranded (a strand from the inside and a strand from the outside). This made the wieght as if it were thicker and I could knit the sock as if I were using a fat DK weight or worsted weight. Which for some reason works better for socks for my honey. I did not use a written pattern, just sort of used what I have learned from other patterns and put it together. I had the hardest time finding a pattern that would suit his feet. I think I found the right formula, I am going to write it all out so that it can be shared. I have alot of notes in my notebooks for patterns I have adjusted or re-written but I have yet to write up my own pattern. I want to be sure it makes sense. :-)

Here is the sock pictures. Let me know what you all think.

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Anonymous said...

Help, Help, Somebode Please Help me!

She's making socks too fast!
And then I am being forced to be a foot model at 3 in the morning!

Oh please somebody help me!
I don't know how much longer my feet can take this!