12 March 2007

A comment about comments

I forgot to add this to my other post...I want to thank everyone who comments on my blog...as of yet I have not been able to directly reply to comments that are left...blogger doesn't let me click on an email address to reply to comments...I do not know why and if there is a way I have not been able to figure out how...there have been many comments that I have wanted to reply to via email but could not do so and I do apologize. I just wanted to say that because I didn't want anyone to think that I wasn't reading them. Also some have had problems with the verification thingy...I had to turn it on because I was getting spammed...I know what the difficulty is (I have experienced it with commenting on other blogs) but the problem is out of my control...I don't know why it gets stuck or you have to verify several times before it will post your comment...its a glich in the program.


Cindy said...

Let me know if you figure out how to e-mail back to those that comment - I would love to figure that out as well and am also on Blogger!

I am enjoying all of your friendly comments on sock Madness! Thanks for keeping us all inspired and such :)

SheepsPyjamas said...

*grin* I, too, had problems with Blogger's not letting you email folks back directly (and yes, insert thank you for your comment on my blog here as well). I often edit posts to respond in the post, but I'm not sure how many folks will reread a post to see if there's an update.

And I wore my socks to work yesterday too... :*)

KnittyOtter said...

I have another friend who uses blogger. I think she just copy/pastes the content of the comment into a new email and replies that way. Not sure sure exactly what she's doing though.


knitnzu said...

Thanks Victoria for playing on my contest! Livejournal has a similar problem...I have to go to folk's blogs to respond! And if somebody leaves an anonymous comment without letting me know who they are (as you did, thanks!), well, can't respond then! I am thinking of switching to typepad or woodpress during the summer.

Margie said...

I agree with you about Blogger. I try to leave my blog address now when I leave a comment. I did set up a Wordpress blog but it was hard to figure out and I have abandoned it for now.

I finished my socks tonight and was (I think) the last one in our division to finish. I also used some yarn I had dyed about 5 years ago. I had just enough yarn to finish. The short row heels were a leap for me, too. I had to frog the first one.

Anonymous said...

Remember "Bali Beauty" is mine!!

One day soon I will buy it from you. I'm so happy that you are going to resume painting. I don't want you to ever stop. You were born to paint.

Love, Mami