10 March 2007


Alright, I have no reason why but I am totally excited about Sock Madness starting tomorrow first thing in the a.m....... well ...I am sorry all! I don't enter competitions! lol....and to be honest I am not in it for the prize (which are way cool fancy shancy yarn and stitch markers and stuff...)....I really wanted in for the unique patterns and possible meeting and making some new yarn friends .....and there are people playing from ALL over the world! Cool beans huh? Korea, U.K., New Zealand (where I once lived for 3 yrs)...and all over the U.S. ....its awesome and I am glad I am in on it. For the first sock we have to use a skein of solid and a skein of variegated fingering/sock weight yarn. I am using the sock weight I dyed with Wilton's and Brown Sheep's Wildfoote in a nice royal blue. Anyway wish me luck! I think it will be fun....you can see what is going by going to the competitions flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/groups/sockmadness2007/ for the pictures and the chat on the competition....for the main page click here: http://sockmadness.wordpress.com/ to read all about the rules and who set this up and why. I am excited...which surprises me because I didn't know I would be I jsut wanted to join a KAL or something like it to connect wither other yarn addicts elsewhere...but I am pleasantly surprised that I am really excited by this....I have never been good at competitions so though I am not setting myself up to lose.....but if I don't win its cool...it will be fun ....its already fun finding out where people are fun and seeing what yarn they are going to use for the first round....I am really curious to see how socks will end up looking since we are each using different colors....oh you should see some of the yarn some have choosen...super cool!
Anyways...less then 7 hours lol...they post the patterns at 8 am EST....so they will be in my email by the time I wake up
sweet dreams all..
happy knitting


KnittyOtter said...

Go Vickie Go!!! :D

How are the socks coming along? Done yet?

I need Sock Madness NEWS on your happenings. I hope it's going well for you.

Good Luck!! :D

Zonda said...

Go Vickie!! Hope it is going well for you!!

I'm on the sidelines for this one..too slow of a knitter! :)