04 March 2007

More Socks

I have gotten the sock but bad! LOL...have always had a thing for sock yarn but making socks is just grabbing me. LOL Good thing since I have joined the Sock Madness competition. I have been placed in a bracket and and am listed under Nancy's Traditional Sock Division for my first sock. Wish me luck, we start on March 10th. Anyway here are pictures of my most recent socks, the first one is Trekking XXL and the second one is Tofutsie's. I finished a 4th pair in Opal for my honey and am working on a 5th in Cascade 220 (in some that I dyed). When I finish the 5th pair I will post the pics together.


Ann said...

Sock knitting is highly addictive!

Christelle said...

I have not met Ann yet, but I have to agree, sock knitting is very addictive. It seems like a few of us from the LYS are addicted right now. I will be sending happy/speedy thoughts for your sock madness. :-) lol love ya!!

~ Christelle ("me")

Zoe said...

Love the socks and the wool colours. Thanks for your kind comment.

Christelle said...

I am trying to dye some alpaca yarn for my grandpa's hat and I'm still not sure it's red enough. :-(
If the Kool-Aid didn't work (I used food coloring the first time.)I'm not sure what to do. Any suggestions? Love ya!

KnittyOtter said...

Those are lovely.

(btw, blogger is being an ass and not letting me comment all the time on blogs that have the word verification set up. Working atm, though.)

Deluxe Yarns ETc. said...

So, miss sock madness did you finish your socks. We must see. Hope this gets posted. What is LYS? Forgive me for asking!!!!
good luck on your socks