30 April 2007


I honestly think I have a problem...one is color and the other is colors in cool yarn! LOL....

I am coveting yarn from three places online and I feel like I am about to explode if I don't get some of my own. My Knitty Otter friend and my blogless Monkey Socks friend (lol to her) have both allowed me to fondle their purchases from these places (well I actually molested the yarn but we won't go there) and I am just wanting it bad. But they will have to wait until I start working in June...damn it! LOL If you are a yarn addict like me and haven't visited these place then you just have to...you will understand what I mean when you see what they have.

1) Socks That Rock: They carry different weights of yarn but I want their sock yarn (they call it lightweight) in the "Fire on The Mountain", "Lemongrass", "G-Rocks", and "Lucy" colorways. The yarn is a bit pricy, HOWEVER one skein makes a pair of socks with a lot of yarn left over. I wouldn't use it for socks though. I have other projects in mind.

2) Cabin Cove Mercantile: This is THAT DARN DAVE'S stuff LOL......I have mentioned his stuff a bit lately so don't have to again. Suffice to say that I will buy anything fun and colorful from him...lace or sock weight and find a really great pattern to showcase the yarn.

3) Scout's Swag: Scout recently did a little show on Knitty Gritty about how she dyes yarn. I learned alot from her ...and yes I do dye my own yarn...however the kind of dyes she uses is not feasible for me to use and dye with due to space....and she just has a knack with color. She has a colorway called "Van Gogh" and he is my favorite artist, so when I saw the colorway I lost it! Yes I did...Van Gogh does that too me....have spent many hours just staring at his paintings in Musuems I would haunt when I still in NYC. Yarn named after him? GIVE! LOL....she has some others that are super nice too but since I would need at least two skeins of her yarn I will be super happy to get at least one of her colorways

Anyway, all you yarn addicts out there...check them out...if you buy something from let me know what you got and how you like it. I don't know what it is but I get a thrill out of seeing stashes of others. I KNOW I am not the only one who does either....because when we meet at the LYS ....my fellow addicts all gleefully molest the yarn of others....never mind what we do to anything new that comes into the LYS. That Florrie (the owner) is a big time enabler! (Well she is in the business of course, but she is also an addict who just gave in to her need by opening a shop!) LOLOL.....she is really "bad" she trys to fulfill all our wants and needs as far as her store's finances allows....seriously she is way to good to us. When we come to her with: "hey umm...Florrie...I saw this stuff.....and umm do you think you could get it???????" (with cheesy, pleading pathetic sorrowful looks) LOL.....she ALWAYS does her best to keep us addicted....ummm no I mean she tries to fill our request! :-D Seriously, she is a doll....if you need a pick me up all you have to do is go to her shop....you get calmness but also by the time you leave your face is hurting so bad from laughing that you forget whatever was causing you stressing before you entered her shop.

Anyway...feel a bit calmer now. HAD to get that all out....not only was I dreaming about spinning...AGAIN...but was dreaming about that yarn. sigh ....its really bad. LOLOL


mdvelazquez said...

Maybe if you are a good girl your sissy will buy you yarn for your birthday. ;-)

As soon as I find something to measure my feet with, I will send you my measurements. I have to measure both, correct?

mdvelazquez said...

Scout's Van Gogh is nice, but Death Eaters and Joseph's Coat are calling to me.

Fire on the Mountain is gorgeous. Did you see Puck's Mischief and Mustang Sally?

Darn Dave's New Penny and Skunk are nice. Skunk would look fabulous made into a hat. Just sayin' :-)

mdvelazquez said...

What?! No update?

Diana @ Photodee said...

I think you are not alone!! I totally stalk my yarn purchases online and hunt around for sock knitting clubs and coo over patterns! I don't know what it is, but I guess there are definitely worse things to be addicted to!