25 April 2007

My Sock Yarn

Here are the six hanks of Knitpicks dye your own yarn that I dyed on Sunday. I also dyed some two lace weight but have not wound it up yet. Each of these is 440 yards. I used Wilton's as before. The top three I tried graduated color. It worked out really well though the picture doesn't show it well. I have A LOT of sock yarn but very little solid colors so I thought I would try making some colors that were not entirely solid but close to it. I just completed a swatch with US 1, Addi Turbos and got 8 stitches to the inch. I am really happy with it...I am planning on using one of these (or some Schaefer) for Round 5 of Sock Madness. The bottom far right cake was a dyeing mistake...I had done rainbow colors and the wanted black blocks but I guess the yarn was too wet and the black spread and weakened in color...I didn't think it looked good...but after it dried and I wound it...I was surprised by how it looked...there are flashes of bright color in between the muted blacks...super nice. Its also very soft to work with...the swatches knitted up into a really nice, upscale fabric.
When I wind the lace I will post a picture. I really enjoy dyeing yarn...it gives me creative freedom as well as control over the colors that I end up with. I would really like to dye some more and get my hands on a warping board and better dye but not sure where to get this stuff. I also don't know how much it would cost.
I am now ready for Round 5...I am almost finished witht he pair of cuff down Magic loops socks and today practiced toe-up Magic Loop...ripped it out though...I just wanted to be sure that I would understand a toe up version just in case the pattern is toe up. So BRING IT ON I AM READY TO GO! LOL


Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Good luck tomorrow, Vikkie. Ready for the pattern? (It's a bit like soldiers in the trenches waiting to go over the top, isn't it?) I can't settle to anything - have wound several yarns into even balls, just in case; like you, I have far too few solid yarns and vast amounts of variegated. But both cables and lace would really look best in solid.

See you in the trenches!

Zonda said...

Yahoo! Go you! Onto Round 5!!! Good luck! :)

mdvelazquez said...

Wow, those colors are gorgeous.

Are you going to make me another pair of socks?