06 October 2006

Yarn day

Boy has it been some week! I stress about my grades big time. What insane state of mind was I in to choose to major in Math! of all things! Seriously? But as of yesterday I am all caught up and today is going to be a yarn day. Yahoo. I was invited to an evening of knitting! I get to spend time just playing yarn with other yarn addicts...or as my bf is calling us the Yarnkies (as in Junkies hooked on yarn). Strange I know.

I am going to try to organize some of my yarn by putting them in ziplocks. I have recently increased my stash by a good amount (self patterning sock yarn is way fun!) Hopefully during the holdiay break in December and January I will organize my entire stash. At least that is the goal I have set for myself. Shall see if it really happens. But, as many of us Yarn Harlot devotees accept that is reallyh no way a true yarn addict can ever gain total control over a stash. lol The one chapter in Stephanie McPhee's book (click the book image) about her stash was absolutely hilarious but it was also right on the money. Except I do not own a piano to stuff yarn into. lol

In order to organize all of my yarn I desperately need a ball winder. Alot of my yarn is in skeins but I do not like to pull the yarn from a skein or a hank. I used to ball up my yarn by hand but then I learned that doing this stretches the yarn. Not good. They are a bit expensive but worth it. My home away from home yarn shop carries them so I am hoping "Santa" goes there and gets me one. I would love to have a swift also but they are REALLY expensive and I don't really have a place to set up at home.

Anyway, time to get my stuff together to go play yarn.

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