26 September 2006

Fun Happenings

I just came across this really super fun idea on a blog, a group of yarn addicts are having "Sock Wars", its too funny! It also sounds absolutely great! They have a forum set up for all the fun with rules and guidelines. The "wars" go like this all who sign up to particpate have to knit a pair of socks from a specified pattern, each person is given a target to "attack" (knit a pair of socks for), then they mail the socks to their target, when the target recieves their sock of "doom" (Yarn Monkey's word lol) that person is now dead and their death is posted. LMAO! Is this Great or what? High five to the person who thought this up. I am going to have to add the Yarn Monkey to my links list.

Last night I sent out an email to friends and family announcing the addition of a new blog to the internet (there just aren't enough blogs out there, wink) and recieved a reply from lovely aunt, Titi Toni ("titi" means aunt in spanish, my family background is Puerto Rican, there will be a mix of spanish and english here, I will try to remember to translate lol). Yarn addiction is genetic, I'm sure of it. She said "I have yarn in every room of my house..." yeah! Too bad she lives so far from me. I bet we would have a great time playing yarn. Too cool!

My Mom is a fantastic artist (I wish she would make a website), she makes Japanese dolls, one sister is a great photographer and my other sister sews and is a great interior designer (I can't even figure out how to hang curtains, ugh). However, none of them seem to share my addiction for yarn. sigh lol.....but they have been reciepients of my creations. This Christmas they will be recieving more hand made gifts. :-D Poor them! lol

I am going to try and remember to take pictures of the things I make. I have very little of any of the items I have made in the past because I seem to make them and give them away. One Christmas I made about 60 pairs of crochet socks from a free pattern I found online (matched colors to each person who was getting a pair, of course!). Did I make a pair for myself? Nooooooooo. Did I take a picture of any of them? Of course not. sheesh. I have made scraves, shawls, doilies (funky ones, they weren't my grandmother's doilies), purses, and anything else you can imagine. Any pictures? nope not a one. LOL I have a few purses left and some other bits and pieces but the only evidence of my past projects is left over yarn. Which of course is not a bad thing, it has added to my stash and as every yarn artist knows there is no such things as a stash that is to big. Now that I have picked up knitting my stash is growing exponentially (I am a math teacher and student so math terms will be interspresed through out lol).

Well time to go be a student. Yuk! Work and study is a conspiracy to keep me from playing yarn. I just know it. It also keeps me from my drawing and painting. Its evil. Sigh! Must go to work. Work is a dirty four letter word.

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