27 September 2006

time to knit

Thank goodness I actually had a chance today to go to the knit shop (Deluxe yarns) in between my classes to sit and knit and play yarns with the ladies. I needed it bad! I am going to the University and working on a second career for those of you that do not know this. I was able to finish may semi-made up pattern idea for a cell phone/ipod bag. Its a semi-made up pattern because I got ideas from several different ones that I saw and incorporated a bit from each and some of my own idea into it. I just have to make the I-cord (here is a link to knittinghelp.com that shows a video of making an i-cord, scroll down towards the bottom). I also have made it so that I can use a bead or a button to close the flap. I am going to use beads on the bags I am making because one of my minor addiction is beads and want to use them in my yarn projects. When they are all done with the cords and bead closures I will post pictures. I will try to write a knitting pattern for my semi-made up bag. There is a cute cell phone pattern that I found on the Opal website. I have made several cell phone bags following the pattern and then modifying it to try out new stiches and got some interesting affects. I used self stripping/patterning yarn (mostly opal yarn). They have come out really nice. Can you guess what everyone is getting for Christmas???? lol

Anyone out there watch Knitty Gritty on DIY Network? I think Vickie Howell is great! She is so fun and presents an image of playing yarn that is hip and for any age. The show's website post patterns and help tips for everything that they present on the show. Vickie Howell also has a personal website where she blogs, post patterns and advertises her books.

Well going to do some yarn playing before its time to hit the sack.

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