22 August 2007

Catching Up: Baby Shower


Finaly...LOL. What a summer! Last Friday was the last official day for my students with my summer program. This week I just admin stuff to clean up. They and I start the regular school year next Monday. Yikes. Unlike my students I finish up in December! YAHOO! I am so excited. This has been a long time coming with many sacrifices and life changes. I cannot believe it. So now for knitting blog updates. There are so many so I am going to do them in a series of different posts just so that I can keep myself organized lol.

My lovely friend, Knitting Otter, threw a baby shower for our other lovely friend Chipping Away and her partner A (it was the first time I had met A...what a great person!) :-). For never having given a baby shower (you would have never known if she hadn't said) it was the best one I have ever been too. KO and I made stitch markers (since all invited were from our knitting group lol) as invitee gifts, they were baby themed. I had soooo much fun going to the store and picking out the beads and charms...then sitting in her house making them together. It was so fun. She also went overboard with the party itself....well not overboard...above and beyond...fantastic food...lovely guests...and fun games. Have you ever played a game where you catapult a tiny plastic baby from a hand held device???? No? Then you are missing out...it was hilarious trying to hit the target. LOL. KO also had fantastic knitterly prizes for everyone. It was so much fun that the time just flew by...we started at noon and I didn't get home until 5 pm. LOL. Here are some pictures (no faces of people sorry because I didn't get permission and I don't play like that so there :-P ).

Ok so I lied there is one face (and yes I got permission)...LOL...that is the famous (in knitting blogland anyway lol) TKK :-) Miss Knitty Otter's fur baby. She is super super sweet and adorable. As for the knitting...the booties were my first ever baby items and the were fun to make. There is however no pattern, Florrie from Deluxe Yarns just told me verbally how to make them and I did. Easy peasy. The yarn is Lorna's Laces Worsted and part of a joint gift between myself and Knitty Otter who made matching hates. The other two knitted items are burp cloths made from Peaches n' Cream Cotton (1.5 balls) and the pattern is called "Baby Genius Burp Cloth" from Mason Dixon Knitting. Also very easy, though I made them longer then the patterned instructed because those who have had babies told me that a longer burp cloth would be better. LOL...I can only imagine so I followed there advice.

Ok so here Catch Up #1...purses, knitting in the park, stitch markers and yarn coming up. :-)

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