29 August 2007

Knitting in the Park

A couple of weekends ago Florrie from Deluxe Yarns set up "Knitting in the Park" (August 19th). It was a really lovely day though if you were in the shade for the first part of the day it was a little chilly but then warmed up though there was a good breeze all day. We have had a horrendously hot summer here so it was a nice break. The company was lovely. My lovely friend Knitty Otter was there and others who I have missed knitting with this summer because WORK (that damn 4 letter word I swear!) got in the way.
Someone even brought a portable spinning wheel. We ate, we laughed, we spun....oh yeah and yours truly FELL. Right on her face! Sheesh...my flip flop caught a piece of raised walkway just right and I went sliding across the cement ...lunch everywhere. I went sliding...face first and scrapped up my elbow pretty nicely. At first I didn't think it was anything more then a scrapped up elbow. But has night came, at home, I went to stand up and my hip and knee where shot through with pain. I went to straighten my arm...the scrapped up elbow one...and couldn't. The elbow was swollen up like a below and bruised badly, my right hip had a huge black bruise and my knee did as well (my knees are already in bad shape so this doesn't help). It was so bad I couldn't get up and move to go to work. SHEESH! Only me! It honestly didn't feel that bad when it happened. It is all healing very nicely now though. But thats not what I needed lol.
Anyway ...one of my knitterly friends brought a huge wicker basket with her...at the request of Knitty Otter I was given to understand...of her socks. Caroline is a talented talented knitter of all kinds of items, but especially socks. The fantastic thing about her socks is that she makes very large socks...lol...like for someone who wears size 10 shoe and up (makes socks for her son who wears a size 13 shoe) and they are also wide. Pretty big socks...and she knits them on size - dpns. Yup! Fast too! Her socks come out with a beautiful fantastic fabric, if you didn't know you would think they had been machine made. So, when the basket was opened she had 52 pairs of the socks, and said she had given away at least as many. WOW...we of course HAD to take pictures. Of course! The cool thing for me is that Miss Caroline has similar tastes in sock yarn as I do...many of her completed socks are done in yarn that I have in my stash that I have not been able to match with a pattern because I wasn't sure what the stripping would do. Now that I have seen them knit up I have a better idea and can match them better with patterns. So here are her socks:

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