26 November 2006

...And The Holidays Are On!!!

I hope everyone has had a Happy Thanksgiving! I did! It was peaceful and I got ALOT of knitting done. I am not going to post pictures until after Christmas since all the projects are gifts. I am making most of my gifts this year and stretching my new skill as far as it can go. Lace, socks, mittens, etc...things that my friend Kathy tells me most knitters think are a challenger and new knitters don't attempt so soon after learning. Some are a challenge but I find them fun and I am getting some amazing results. Alot of mistakes and oopses but...shrugs...oh well it gives each item character (at least that is how I am justifying them lol).

Kathy took me too a Yarn shop in Minden, Nevada. It is closer to her then it is to me and she wanted to show it to me. The shop is called "Pioneer Yarn Company". LOVELY, LOVELY ladies...the shop is really nice and set up in a customer friendly manner. If you are down that way stop in and say hello to them. They carry some yarn brands that I have not heard of before and their prices are reasonable and fair. I don't think I will go there very much because it is too far away...and my local shop, "Deluxe Yarns", will carry most anything I want. Florrie is a doll and she tries to get what the local yarn addicts are "jonsing" for. LOLOLOL>
Well time to keep knitting I am on a roll with my gifts and just got back from my long weekend.

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