07 November 2006


Hi everyone!
I have been laxed in blogging. I am not to happy with the set up on this blog site. It doesn't give me all the options that I would like to have (like a photo album) or easy and simple setup of column set up for the page. I do not know html very well and really do not have an interest in learning html. I would rather have a setup that lets one drag and drop and move things around simply and easily. I do not understand how to setup links. Shrugs maybe its just me but I want simple but flexible. Ok well enough complaining. lol

I spent some time in CA visiting my sister right before halloween. It was ALOT of fun! I measured everyone's feet and hands etc. so that I can make them gifts for Christmas. My sister also took me to a great little knit shop in Visalia, CA called "Knit Haven" (sorry they don't have a website). They are located in downtown Visalia on Main and Church Streets. The ladies there were REALLY super nice. The shop is small but has a great inventory of yarn. It is a nice sunny atmosphere and has enough room for a good size table to sit and "play yarn" with others.

Speaking of "playing yarn"...am I the only one who has used that term. I mentioned to the ladies that if they were ever in Reno to please stop by Deluxe Yarns and "play yarn" with us. They said "play yarn? what's that?" Is it just me? Am I the only goofy person that sees knitting, crocheting or any other fiber art as "playing yarn"? Am I that much of an addict? LOLOL If so OH WELL!

Also, speaking of addicts! lol Went to my bi-monthly yarn addict enablers group last night. LOLOL (I'm so funny I crack myself up!) Went to Florries (Deluxe Yarns) for a Knit-up (Knit n Rip knitting group). Lots of people showed up...some new faces too. It was alot of fun. As always. It was mentioned how we are yarn addicts that do not wish to be cured so we gather together to enable each other to continue our addiction. lol "Hello, my name is Vikkie, and I'm here....well because (deep breath)...I am a YARN ADDICT!" (response) "Hello Vikkie, welcome! We promise never to make you give up your addiction and to always keep it going with you!" Happy silly smiles from all.

Ok time to do homework. Blah....would much rather knit and rip back my first sock whose toe came out really really bad! :-(


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