14 November 2006


I am having an internal temper tantrum today. I have an exam tomorrow and need to study for it. I am here at school with notes open and waiting for my study group to show up but I DO NOT WANT TO BE HERE! (pouting and stamping of foot) I am having the hardest time concentrating....all I can think about is my knitting projects. (more pouting and more stamping of foot) All of this school work is just slowing down progress on all of my projects and it is completely annoying!


Frasera said...

Hi Victoria.

I'm in Ely, about 5 hours east of you.

Don't give up on the photos yet. It's not as easy as it should be, but it would be great to see your work.

Good luck with the socks.

Anonymous said...


I love your site. I am a newly initiated yarn addict thanks to you. I have finished enough practice of my double crochet and need a new skill. I really want to start my blanket.