13 November 2006

A Sock Making I Go!

Well last month I took on my first sock. I made a sock using a pattern I found online. Which I became very unhappy with because it was confusing but I kept going. When I got to the toe thats when it all "unraveled" (so to speak). The toe came out completely wonkey (yes wonkey, I am sure that is a knitting or crochet term in some knitting or crochet gloassary). Since I didn't know how to fix it I just stopped the so called decreasing that the pattern called for and binded off. I was sad and laughing at the same time because it was my first sock and it didn't turn out as advertised I was sad, but was laughing hysterically because it was too damn funny to look at! Well my expert knit friends and fellow yarn addicts (to their credit) did not laugh at it, they were encouraging and explained how the sock still could be saved. I have yet to rip out the offending toe because....well to be honest the wind has been taken out of my sails for that sock. I just keep moving it around from knitting bag to knitting bag. I will EVENTUALLY fix it and finish it but for now I don't want to look at it.

Not to be detered I have begun my next pair of socks with some yummy soft yarn I found in my stash. I finished the first sock of the pair and it came out really nice though it does look slightly odd because it is for my brother-in-law for Christmas and he has a 12" foot. So the foot part looks a lot longer then the ribbing leg part. My guy James wears the same size shoe as my brother-in-law so I had him try it on and it fit him great, so I guess the sock will work....on to its mate.

I also want to make my sister socks for Christmas but I want a really nice pattern (simple mind you I'm still a beginner) for some yarn that she choose when I was visiting her last month. I haven't found the pattern I want however and time is running out. I have also begun a new pair of socks for James and am working on a funky purse for my niece and a mittens for my nephew (at his request they will be rainbow stripes). Oh yes and there is the cable hat for a friend's gift and two more projects for two more friends. Besides knitting I have homework to do which really gets in the way of the amount of knitting I can do.

So much knitting so little time! Eventually I will post some pictures of all these projects but it is not very easy to do with blogger so I have hesitated putting up pictures in my blogs regularly because something always crashes it or the pictures don't show up though I did everything correctly to add one to a post. I wish it were all just drag and drop! But it seems that none of the blogger programs are like that, or at least I have not found one ... so for what it is blogger is what I can most easily use at this time. Oh well.

Some knitting now, must make socks....must play with yarn....must get lost in the stitches....knit 2, purl 2, knit 2, purl 2.....

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