09 December 2006


I truely believe that school and work (definately a four letter word and not a nice one!) are conspiracies to keep me from "playing yarn" and from doing art work! I cannot wait until winter break, I am burned out. Definately the hardest semester I have had thus far. What in the world was I thinking majoring in math? (Well I was thinking that I will always be able to get a job, no matter what, which is the truth) I must have been out of my ever loving mind (which is usual but still).

Oh...I was looking for infor on Knitting type stuff and came up with a Knitter's Review from January 2006 that reviewed some new tools and yarn for the year. Nice site that gives decent information on the world of knitting, imho anyway. They have a nice article called "Tips and Tricks: Magic Ball Knitting" which gives advice on how to use up left over yarn in a way that allows you to get enough yarn for a new project with a nice affect.

I also wanted to share a "sock calculator" that I found that can help with making up your own pattern or adjust a patter to fit the yarn you want to use and the needles you want to use. Which I think is really fantastic because I like to find ways to do things my own way. LOL The calculator will give you a sock pattern for a shaped sock (contours for ankles and insteps, etc.) which for me is to fussy but I like it because it will give me a CO count for the size needles I want to use and the yarn weight I have. I like the simple sock pattern that I came up with better then something that has so many shaping reductions and increases. Too many places to mess up lol. Once I am on summer break I will post the patterns that I have come up with (doctored or original) to share. I will also post pictures of all of the things I have made for Christmas (do not want to post now because it will spoil the surprise).

Anyway have to go and do some knitting, while the honey man is out doing his own thing. LOL trying to make him a couple of things but hard to do with him around.

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