04 December 2006

Yarn Addict Groups

Hi all,
It has been a weekend of yarn addict meeting. On Friday we had a little get together at Florrie's (Deluxe Yarns, in Reno). On Sunday we had a knitting class meet at the Spanish Springs Library....which due to the newspaper article was packed.....we had ALOT of new people show up. Today was the bi-monthyl addict's meet-up...hehehe...which was alot of fun. We had a pot luck and everyone brought some really yummy goodies! Met lovely new people and saw one of the most gorgeous pieces of knitting that I have ever seen. A new member brought in a gift she is making her mother that is ....well simply put... a work of art. The skill and work that has gone into her lace shawl is nothing less then awe inspiring.....I wish I had taken a picture of it. Anyway I am using any free time I have to knit for Christmas so I am back at it.
Bye for now

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mdvelazquez said...

Sounds like you had a busy, but fun weekend.