20 December 2006

Freedom to Knit!

Yippy! Last final completed on Monday afternoon. This has been one of the hardest semesters I have ever had. My Euclidean-NonEuclidean Geometry final ended up being 16 pages when completed and I was not able to do the final (and 7th) problem. Yes only 7 problems and it was 16 pages. Geez o' Petes!

Well one week left and all of my mail away knitted gifts are completed and sent. All the stay in the area knitted gifts are made with the exception of a couple of things for my honey. I THINK I will be able to get them done....shall see. I am so burned out from school that my mental energy is sapped.

I have until 22 January off....I have plans to do the following:
1. Learn to Dye yarn (everything I need is ready to go)
2. Try felting for the first time (patterns picked out and the yarn as well)
3. Organize and....gulp...donate yarn that I KNOW I will never use....sigh but that means that the stash will be lots smaller....but I KNOW it will be a good and right thing to do.
4. Organize my studio area in the office and try to do some drawing. My creative area in this area is a bit stunted and has been for some time. But I need it BAD! Really Bad! I miss my artwork but have not been able to do it for several reasons. Internal difficulties being at the top of the list. It is a part of me that keeps me sane and healthy but.....ahhh to complicated to explain.

Anyway need to eat and need to knit!


Life's a Stitch said...

Good luck on your goals and congratulations for getting through that exam. I have an appreciation for that as my daughter is just going into her fourth year as a physics major. It's been a hard slog for her and I'd admire all of you who keep going in math.

Victoria said...

Thank you Li that is a kind thing to say!