31 December 2006

"The Knitting Way"

I have lovely friends who know me all to well and know that if they give me yarn, books (or gift certificate to buy books) or art supplies I will be a happy girl! So I was given two lovely gifts of certificates to the bookstore...yesterday I purchased two new knitting books. One was "Scarf Style" which contains patterns for the MOST gorgeous scarves and I can see myself creating more then half of the projects.

The second book I purchased was "The Knitting Way" by Linda Skolnik (founder of Patternworks) & Janice MacDaniels. I was looking actually for "Mindful Knitting" ... I am interested in learning how to connect my internal self with my passions (knitting and art) in a meaningful way to grow as a person. The store didn't have "Mindful Knitting" so I almost put "The Knitting Way" back. I AM SO GLAD THAT I DIDN'T! This book is fantastic.

The writers are knitters, business woman and philosophers. This book is not what I expected. I am only into chapter 2 and it is one of the deepest books I have experienced. Yes there is knitting and patterns but it so much more then that...its difficult to explain. I am already finding myself thinking and examining the ideas and questions that I have read so far while I am knitting. Already I am purposely slowing my knitting down so that I can think about it, feel it and feel myself. Seems like a no brainer but if it was then what wasn't I doing it to begin with. This book is about connectedness, with oneself and others. Even if you knit this book can be used to help someone examine what they are doing as well as how and why.

I will keep reading it and post more about it. I am so amazed t hat it has hit me this way. I am an avid reader (thank you Mom for giving me a love of books) and I haven't come across a book such as this in a long long time. Thank you to the author's, I needed this.


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