15 December 2006

Knitter's Without Borders

One more weekend and I will be on break for a little bit. Thank goodness I am fried. On Wednesday I worked 12 hrs (without a break) on a single Math problem (yes the truth!)...I was about to scream...and can you believe it I was NOT able to get the problem done. For pity sake. Well after Monday I will be done for a few weeks....whew! This time next year it will all be worth it and the prize will be within my reach!. Yippy skippy...HOORAY!

Well complaining is not the point of this post...I wanted to direct attention to the Harlot's "Knitter's without borders challenge" . She is issuing a challenge to knitters to unite and reach out to those around the world who are in need. A knitter can donate the cost of just one skein of yarn that could go to helping someone who needs a meal. Please check it out...there are lives that can be saved with just a little bit of help from us.

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