06 July 2007

I live with an enabler...

...I am so lucky. Have some new goodies to share. Some came from my honey the others came from the thrift store at the non-profit I work with. The manager of the store finds things of a "yarny" nature and saves them for me. Sometimes the items still have the tag on it. The store gets a lot of things donated but its small so she just passes some items on to me. Lucky me. As for honey...well he just loves me and I am spoiled. LOL...might as well admit the obvious.
First from the honey:
Three new books:
"Mason Dixon Knitting", I didn't know how funny the authors are. I am not crazy about the cover because it really doesn't give you a clue as to how nice the book really is on the inside. Thank goodness that I know better then to judge a book by it cover. ;-) I am liking it alot.

"World of Knitted Toys", I really like this one because it is different from other 'toy' type books. The animals are not cutsey cartoon types, instead they are made to represent realistic animals around the world. I am especially in love with the section on animals from the frozen parts of world...having lived on Antarctica for a tiny portion of my life I have an affinity for the animals that survive there.
"Beautiful Knitting Patterns", this is a knitting stitch dictionary/encyclopedia book. The stitches are as beautiful as the title states...but what I like about it is that the majority of the stitches I have not seen before even in bigger books of its types. Always looking for the unique and different.
Knifty Knitter Handloom: This comes from the Knifty Knitter Loom people. Its a mini-hand loom. I have recently complained how I can't find handles that I like or that are unique so when I saw this I thought it might be an interesting way to create handles for bags that would be my own creation and would stand out. Shall see how it works. :-) I can't seem to find a link for it. Honey got for me at Ben Franklin's craft store.
Crafters on the Go Bag: Has lots of pockets for needles and notions and a good size for projects. Again can't find a link for the bag but it was purchased from Michael's Craft Store.
JJ's Specialty Yarns: This came from New Zealand. Love the colors and I think it is destined to become a felted bag. Shall see.
Next post: Thrift store finds, and the one after that trip to Tahoe. :-)

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