02 July 2007

Prize giving...

Sock Madness 2007 has been over for a while now but it took me a bit to send out the two packages of prizes/surprises and I couldn't post any pictures until the recievers had a chance to open them. Didn't want to spoil it for them. This was the first time in my life that I sent a gift to people I have never met be for and the first time I have participated in a yarny/knitty type of gift giving kind of thing. lol It was a lot of fun putting it together. I know how I felt getting my prize for Round 3 of SM...I knew it was coming and from who but did not know what it would be.

Golden Purl won the ebony needles I donated for SM. I wanted it to be a good prize so I sent a few other things as well. She sent me the kindest email thanking me for what I sent. I am really glad she liked it all. I was especially glad I had sent along stitch markers because she said she doesn't have any handmade knitting jewelry yet and had wanted some but could see buying them for herself. I just kept thinking what kind of cool things would I like to get in a package and went from there. (It is how I am putting together the package for the swap I am now) It was a lot of fun.

The other package I sent out was to Hilary and Felicia who put together SM. One night I got the idea that it would be nice to put together a thank you for them. I certainly had a lot of fun and "met" some super fun people online because of the game. Others thought it would be a good idea to send a "thank you" as well. About 15 people or so participated. They each sent a little something for each one of them. I wrapped everything up and sent it out last week. A bit later then I had intended (sorry to all of you that contributed). They posted pics to what they recieved on the SM flickr group page. I was really amazed at the creativity and thoughtfulness that was put into what was sent. Gave me great ideas for future swaps or prizes ;-).

Today, I recieved the email of the partnering for the "Yarn in a Teacup Swap". My "downstream" partner is Elan. I have been a lurker on her blog for awhile. My "upstream" partner is Mentalrose from Tangled. I had not visited her blog before today but have put her on my blogroll. She has a really nice blog. I have already exchanged a couple of emails with Elan and am really excited to send her the package. I have been collecting little things here and there, I hope she will enjoy it. :-)

I had a lovely "road trip" with my friend Kathy, Knitty Otter, Monkeysocks and about 9 others, on Saturday. I have to download the pics first. I will post about the day this week. :-)


KnittyOtter said...

It was too much fun Saturday! :D

See you soon. ;^)


mythkat said...

I had great fun too. Maybe I can drop by this weekend. OXO

Mental Rose said...

Hey, you linked me! Sweet! You're the first FIRST knit blogger to link me, ever. I just noticed today - takes my blog a while to pick up on those, I guess, and I missed this post!

Your box went out in yesterday's mail, so I bet you'll get it Monday or Tuesday - I have no idea how long mail takes to cross the country. :-)