06 July 2007

Thrift Store Finds

1. 2. 3.

1. These two old crochet books ("Crochet Your Way" and "Family Circles: Favorite Needlecrafts", the 2nd one I believe is out of print and can only be found used) were donated and the manager just grabbed them for me. There are some nice ideas in them even though the patterns are old fashioned but they can be simply modernized.

2. Rosearts "Knit & Gem Machine": I am really excited to have gotten this. Lots of people are after this "child's toy" and they are hard to come by used never mind new. The only thing that is "wrong" with this one is that funny little stickers were put all over it, which I will remove simply enough. All the parts and book came with it.

3. The 50 cent Black Bag: This still had the tag on it! Yes it only cost me $0.50 (U.S.)! Its lined and the "label" on the front says "Rosetti: New York". I have no idea if thats a good label or not, I am not a label type person nor am I into "trendy" or "in-now" kind of things. I like what I like whether its in or not. lol I usually go for things that are totally against a trend anyway because I want to be different. :-P~~~ It has great inside pockets, is lined and has nice outside pockets. I love it!

I have also come away with about 10 8" wide leather belts (black, navy and brown) that I thought I could up and use in a creative way. Also found some pins, earrings and belt buckles that could be used as embelishments.

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mythkat said...

Hey, your Knit Y Gem is based on an old sock knitting contraption. I'll email you a pic if I can find one.