08 July 2007

Yes I did again...

I joined the Myster Stole 3 KAL. It just sounded way to intriguing. It is now closed for new sign-ups as of the 6th, I signed up on the 5th. I had been hearing about it for weeks all over blogland but swore I was NOT going to join it. But then ....then...I made the mistake of reading that "Yarnharlot's" blog how she describes she fell down the rabbit hole....and instead of detering me it just pushed me further and I fell down the rabbit hole as well...in total about 4k fell into the whole so I will have lots of company. It actually started on June 20th so two clues have already been posted. From the pictures that have been posted for clue 1...it is a gorgeous pattern.

Lets see what the KAL count is now:

1. Summer of Socks: really going slow for me, I have 3 socks cast on and have completed 1 of a pair. LOLOL...I find it funny considering that I participated in Sock Madness and was able to get all the way to the final four. Its probably the reason why I have slowed down my sock making and my knitting in general. SM was able to show me how much I enjoy the process of knitting.

2. Summer KAL-CAL Purse Round: Since it started I made 6 bags. One of the 6 is completed, the other 5 need felting and the closures. I have 3 sitting on the side that need closures, linings and 2 which need a lining.

3. Mystery Stole 3: began swatching two different yarns to test which one would look the best to my cray eyes of colors lol.

4. Yarn in a cup: I don't have to knit anything for this one but am putting together a package. I have several items that I still would like to get but am almost ready to send it. It needs to be sent by July 30th. I will make it. lol

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