10 July 2007

Yarn in A Teacup Swap

I came home early because the smoke from all the fires in my area are giving me serious asthma difficulties. I couldn't even focus clearly at work. The nice thing about coming home early, besides being able to breath better, is that I found a package waiting for me. Mentalrose of the Tangled blog was my upstream partner. She couldn't have sent me a better package if she tried! Seriously it is lovely and she hit it right on the nose. She sent me a gorgeous tea cup and a lovely skein of Wool/Silk blend...she ALSO sent me some very adorable geometric looking stitch markers (geometry just up my alley) ...as well as....a hand made spindle...and (drum roll) handpainted silk roving! WOOHOO! YEAH ME! I HAVE MY OWN SPINDLE NOW! Can you guess what I am doing tonight? She included a lovely handwritten note which included some links for sites that show you how to use what she sent me. Thank you so much. :-D My friend K is buying a wheel and is going to let me try it out ...I have that nice Australian handpainted wool roving that I won from Yarnivorous.
Here are the links for anyone who is interested:

I am almost ready to send my downstream package. I hope Elan will like hers as much as I like mine.


Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Congratulations on getting into the spin! It will become totally addictive, I warn you!

Love from a rather quiet Sophy to Patches!

Zoe said...

Hi Vikkie

Oh you lucky thing. What a lovely parcel - Mental Rose has spoilt you, how nice. Please will you send me the photos so I can start a little album on my blog?

Zoe x