03 July 2007

My Artwork: Drawings

I have mentioned a couple of times in the past that I would some time soon share my own artwork (non-fiber related). Today finally I woke up and for some reason said "It has to be today". I believe that many people who know me may have heard me say I am an artist but in the past few years I have not talked about it much (due to some private issues). There was a time that I had a website dedicated to my art and sold my pieces. These past few years, however, it has almost become this secret part of me (again due to some private issues). Lately I have felt the need to share my art again. I believe that it is due to the creativity that knitting has re-awaken in my heart. Knitting has re-connected me to art in a way that I had come to believe I had lost. I have kept creating in some fashion or another because I have TOO...it is what makes me...me. I cannot live with artistic endeavors of sometime as a part of my life...it is like breathing for me. I could no sooner stop breathing and expect to survive as I could stop creating. Art is like taking a breath for me. I have to have it as a part of my life in order to be a sane, happy and healthy person. I stop creating I stop living. That all may sound overly dramatic to of you out there...and it may be...shrugs...it makes it no less the truth. I have been disconnected from my art for a few years....haven't even drawn a stick figure (again...private issues). I have continued to seek creative activities that though satisfying have not really met the need in my soul for art. What I have been doing has just allowed me to take quick breaths and in between each I find that I am holding my breath. If that makes any sense. So as I begin to connect again with my art for me the first step is to share it. I am not looking for accolades or anything like that...just simple sharing. I would very much lovely constructive commentary, so please leave comments or thoughts or send me an email.

So what kind of artist am I? I am a painter, optical illusionist, mathematical/fractal manipulator. I love geometrics and twisting them but I also love people...their faces, shapes, colors etc. I am also a colorist. Color is emotion for me. All color has meaning to me and for me. Color is symbol as well for me and I use as representative of thoughts, ideas, feelings, history, story...etc.

Ok with a deep breadth (and a nervous knot in my stomach) I share what and who I truely am. I will start with the drawings: (damn I am nervous as hell...wowie)

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Denise Mathews said...


I think your artwork is wonderful!! There are several I would love to have for myself or friends. No need to be nervous, you do great work!!

Denise Mathews
Virginia City