03 July 2007

My Artwork: Math, Chaos Theory, Fractals and Comp. Images

Both of these were created with a free program called Artrage. When you expand them you can see texture and it looks as if the paper is showing through behind the color. It is really a great program and everything you create is done on the computer.

The following pictures IS Math. Yes it is! Its Chaos Theory, Tessellations, Fractals, Trig, Algebra, Geometry (Sacred Geometry) and on and on. Math is art, its visual and colorful. Every image was created with mathematical formulas and manipulations including the colors. None of them were rendered or colored in Photoshop or any other photographic manipulation software. I created them with Math programs and Fractal programs.

I hope to use art as a way of reaching kids and connecting math in way that it is not numbers and formulas on a page. In the past other artists look at me as if I am crazy when I say "Math and Art go hand in hand...Math is not just found in music but it can be seen and it is beautiful". Remember SpiroGraphs? That's math! You may even see some of these images and say "hey that looks familiar" or "I have seen 'designs' like that online". Many fractals and mathematical art is used online (by non-math people) for computer imagry, backgrounds, icons etc. Also though you may not have known it many of the images come from nature because nature is math (leaves, seashells etc.) patterns that occur or recur in nature are math.

I created these as studies for possible paintings or drawings. Something else that is floating around in the back of my mind.


mythkat said...

And they make the best screen savers. ;-)

Victoria said...

yes they sure do...oh geez forgot to post the one that i have as my own wallpaper on my desktop lol

Jean said...

Wow, Vikkie! These are really amazing. Thank you for sharing them. Some of them make me think of things as big as planets and the cosmos while others make me think of things as tiny as microscopic inclusions in gemstones. Some are downright psychedelic. They are all beautiful and inspirational. Hmmm....maybe an intarsia pattern is somewhere in there?

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see you are finally getting back to it. You know I love your art work. Having the personal benefit of enjoying one in my bedroom, which isn't on here by the way? I'm happy you are sharing it with others.

Hey where is the best one you've done? The one of my children?!! Tee hee. Well I only think that because it's of my kids of course.

Love you honey.