08 July 2007

New Saturday Outing

I had a FABULOUS DAY yesterday with the Knitty Otter lady and with Monkey Socks (whom I have mentioned before). We did some knitting and shopping and eating. It was a really nice did with people the I love and share things in common with.

The reason for the day of shopping was to help me get clothes. I hate going clothes shopping alone I get frustrated. To be honest I am just not good at pickingout clothing. Never have been. Knitty Otter has the eye and knack. I hit the jack pot...well for me it was...I found really nice dress pants and two gorgeous blouses. :-) Yeah me! Then when honey picked me up and took me to get some shoes (that I need for an outing this Wednesday).

Oh and to end the day I came home to a cool apartment (the temp outside is about 105+, gross), dinner made and was able to sit and knit. All in all a great day!


fred said...

Hellooooo vicki!

Here is the link to the lady making the multi-colored fish afgahn that I told you about.



Devorah said...

Doing well in the shops is always a good thing. I also need a "personal shopper" along with me to make sure I pick out decent stuff. Good thing you have such a good friend in KnittyOtter.

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Isn't it great when a day works out like that? Not to mention the night!

Hey, you're working on Pomatomus too. Yeah us! Will you tell me how you do that cool sidebar thing showing where you're up to with each project?

KnittyOtter said...

I had so much fun with you and MonkeySocks. :D

I hope your week is going well too.

Love the stuff we got you. :D