03 July 2007

My Artwork: Geometrics

The majority of my geometrics are done in marker and Rapidograph pens. When I first found my art I would spend hours...HOURS...working up geometrics. One simple shape would lead to another and then another. I have samples back 25 years or more (such as pictures 9, 10 and 11). The majority of what is shown here are the last pieces of artwork of any kind that I created. The first 6 I created about 3 years ago, I showed them in a class at the university in which the professor said to me "your work is like Visual Prozac". LOL...if I ever have a solo show (not shooting for one, just saying), I will call the exhibit "Visual Prozac". I created the first six shown here as color studies with the intention of making huge 3 dimensional pieces. It is still in the back of my mind as an idea. Need the space in which to do something like I have in mind however.

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